Prep enterprise project

Prep enterprise project

The Enterprise Gold Award

The Enterprise Gold Award is undertaken by the boys in Year 6. It is a highlight of the boys Preparatory School experience. The primary purpose of the Enterprise Gold Award is for the boys to engage in a series of activities outside school that will encourage them to develop independence as a young person and provide opportunities to equip them with life skills. Encouraging engagement and connection with family and support networks outside school in order to undertake the experience of Enterprise is valued highly.

There are five areas that make up the project:
The Major Project

The Enterprise Major Project provides boys with an opportunity to develop independence, learn new skills and perhaps work with the assistance of a parent, friend or relative. While the boys are free to choose the focus of their project, consultation with parents and Housemasters is essential.

The boys are challenged to design and make/complete a project of around 40 hours of work that is intended to promote the development of new skills. Effective communication with the Housemaster throughout the project is encouraged. The communication process begins with a written letter of proposal outlining the project idea. Key stages of the project process are recorded in a log book to demonstrate progress and learning.

The Major Project culminates with an open school event where the boys exhibit and share final products and learning. The project ideas that the boys turn their attention and enterprise to during the year vary widely. The display event is wonderful celebration of the work, learning and enterprise undertaken by the boys during the year.

Domestic activities

Domestic activities require the boys to prepare and deliver three family meals; demonstrate a commitment to personal responsibility for bed making, appropriate dress, personal hygiene and locker room organisation at school and general tidiness.

While some boys enjoy cooking, for many it is a first encounter with culinary organisation and aspects of personal safety in the kitchen. The third meal is expected to consist of two courses and be prepared without assistance.


The boys prepare and deliver a presentation to the boys and staff of their House. They are encouraged to select an interesting topic of their choice to research. As part of their preparation the boys need to be mindful of the audience who are a selection of their peers ranging in age from 5 through to 12 years of age. They may use various props to encourage focus and effective delivery of their information.

The King's School Knowledge

Promoting connections with the rich history of the school is facilitated with a series of questions and a photographic documentation component. The boys are required to select three significant locations or structures within the school to photograph, research and record their findings.

Community service

It is expected that the boys will undertake 5 hours in an activity that will benefit the recipient. This service should be unpaid and performed for someone or an organisation beyond the direct family. The emphasis is on aiding the broader community. Activities undertaking range from involvement in community bush regeneration programs, assisting with a community support organisation, church organisation, local kindergarten or age care facility.

Successful completion of the five elements of the project will earn boys an invitation to attend the Enterprise Camp and an Enterprise Gold Award.

The Enterprise Camp is a wonderful outdoor education experience undertaken at the end of the school year. The boys are required to work and camp together in House groups. They undertake various learning experiences where they face challenge by choice. The encouragement and support of their peers is an essential framework for personal achievement.