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Frequently Asked Questions


The King's School receives a range of questions frequently, from enrolment to becoming a part of the community. We hope this answers some of the questions you may have.

Senior School

The enrolment process starts 18 months prior to your son’s commencement. At this time, applicants will be invited to a family interview. Our community is important to us and the enrolment interview provides an opportunity for us to get to know your family –and for you to get to know our School. Interviews are conducted by the School Registrar and/or the Admissions Manager. Following your family interview, an Offer of Place to attend the School may be made.

Yes, if you haven’t completed an enrolment form and it is less than 18 months away from your son’s intended commencement date, you are still encouraged to apply.

Whilst the only official intake year in the Senior School is Year 7, occasional vacancies do become available in other year groups from time to time. If a place becomes available, we will look to the waiting list to fill this position. However, the best way to secure a position for your son at King’s is in the intake year of Year 7.


Each Year 7 group, or cohort, in the Senior School is approximately 250 students. Of these, approximately 100 are boys from our Prep School and Tudor House campuses. Prep School and Tudor House boys receive preferred entry into Year 7.

While it is never too late to enrol your son, we do encourage parents to enrol as early as possible. Interviews for Year 7 positions are generally conducted 18 months prior to commencement.

While The King’s School does not adopt a chronological waiting list, it is advisable to apply for enrolment as early as possible to avoid disappointment. To be considered for a place at the School, your son must be on our waiting list.

Having a sibling at the School and/or a Father who is an Old Boy of the School will give your child priority on the waiting list, if the enrolment form has been received prior to offers being extended. But it does not guarantee a place.

Inherently, boys and girls learn differently. Boys are very hands on and practical. With more than 190 years’ experience in boys’ education, we tailor our learning experience to best engage our students and get the most out of them. In allowing students to step out of their comfort zone, without social anxiety boys are able to challenge themselves and nurture their strength of character.

King’s is proud of our ability to create global thought leaders. We do this through focussing on our 3 pillars; Academic Excellence, Character Development and Christian Community.

We also embody our Founder’s vision where “the education received in The King’s School is not for the exclusive benefit of those upon whom it is bestowed, but for that of the entire community.” And instil this into each and every boys’ experience.


Registration will open in September 2021 for those who wish to apply for a Scholarship for Years 7 to 11 for 2023 entry. Testing will be held on 13 February 2022 and short-listed applicants will be interviewed. Scholarship offers are finalised by April.

Music Scholarship candidates are required to register and sit the academic testing for Scholarships. Shortlisted candidates are then invited for a practical examination and interview on which the assessment of awards is finalised.


In Year 7 only Maths and English are graded. Testing for these subjects is conducted as part of the Orientation program in the November prior to commencement. All other subjects are ungraded. In future years more subjects get graded to streamline the learning experience of each student.

In the Senior School, boys are offered the choice of German, French or Chinese.

The Educational Support Services (ESS) department offer extensive services to support boys in their learning. Services offered include The Transition Program, Homework Club, Early Morning Classes and Multi-Sensory Languages Classes. Please be sure to share any specific needs or concerns that you may have as part of your enrolment journey.

King’s offers a number of opportunities for the boys to interact with girls from other Schools. We are neighbours with Tara Anglican School for Girls and do many events together such as Musical and Drama productions. We also organise a number of different activities with girl’s Schools across the grades to encourage a healthy social development within the boys.

The clubs on offer at King’s are all run by our own staff who work onsite.

King’s is unique in that the School does not have a traditional “catchment zone”. Our students come from the local area and right across metropolitan Sydney. To assist students coming into the campus as day students, we provide twelve daily bus services which reach north, east and south west of the campus. Click here for further information on King’s bus services

As a boarding school, we welcome students from from Sydney, regional NSW, Interstate and even international locations. We are proud that our diverse and inclusive student population offers an opportunity for students to enrich their own experiences while forming life-long friendships. 

The King’s School does offer casual boarding, subject to availability.
At King’s, we are proud that our student population is representative of the broad Australian demographic and we recognise that every student who arrives at King’s is unique.  When we meet with a family, we are looking for families who will embrace the full offerings of the School across our three distinctive pillars of Academic Excellence, Character Development and Christian Community.

In order for learning to take place effectively, every student must feel safe and secure. At King’s we do not tolerate bullying and strive to make every boy’s journey a safe and enjoyable one. We have counsellors on site to assist with any boys who come across any issues and we have strategies in place to identify any bullying existing within the community.

The King's School Senior Students Walking In the Hallway
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