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Headmaster's welcome

The King’s School is a unique place of learning that deeply honours its almost 200-year history of educating boys, whilst also reframing the future by developing quality young men who will contribute to the betterment of humanity through the values they derive from an education at King’s.

Teaching and Learning are focal points as they should be in every school. Here at King’s we continue with our distinctives of Academic Excellence, Character Development and Christian Community; a community committed to safeguarding the children under our care.

Our approach to educating students is one of constant evolution that ensures we lead with expertise and is delivered within the environment of a Christian community.

The King’s School is endowed with an extraordinary geographic footprint in Parramatta and the Southern Highlands, with facilities for teaching and learning, sport, drama and music, outdoor education and residential facilities for which we have responsibility to ensure that their benefit may extend to always making an outstanding impact for the good of a global society.


"The education in The King’s School is not for the exclusive benefit of those upon whom it is bestowed, but for that of the entire community."

The King's School Boys Students with Headmaster

Opportunities for growth

Throughout the King’s experience, each of our students is provided with the opportunity to grow - mind, body and soul - developing the qualities required for competent decision making.

Global and international opportunities offered throughout the King’s experience, extend students' understanding of the world around them, assisting them to hone their collective decision making capabilities and the very heart of leadership.


Boys develop their qualities of mind, body and soul, gaining strength in academic capability, developing good character, and building their desire for a life of service.

Where leaders are made

The King’s School was established to provide Australia with the next generation of leaders. This original charter remains central to both our Mission and the educational offering the school provides.

Our Leadership program is extensive and incorporates a number of avenues for boys, including:

  • Service learning

  • House Leadership and School Monitors

  • The King’s School Cadet Corps

  • our renowned Boys to Men Program

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award

  • Community outreach

  • numerous seminars and exchanges.

  • The learning landscape of the School provides boys with the challenge and adventure needed to shape the unique character of our boys. With a focus on development of the “whole student” every part of The King’s School is dedicated to curricular and extra-curricular offerings for every student in an authentic and distinctive leadership development pathway.


    Our extensive Leadership program comprises a number of different aspects, all structured to provide an authentic and distinctive leadership development pathway.
    The King's School Global Thought Leadership

    International experiences

    The King’s School provides a wide range of opportunities to students to enrich their global awareness and understanding. These experiences are important for nurturing students so that they can contribute effectively within a dynamic, global context.

    Our programs help students learn more about the world and its people: international tours, student exchanges and eLearning projects allow participants to interact personally with people from other locations and experience different cultures.

    These are provided through the curriculum and co-curricular activities, at year and class levels.


    Experiences in a global context are important for students so that they can contribute effectively within a dynamic, global context.
    The King's Institute

    The King's Institute

    The development of global thought leaders is driven by innovative and engaging teaching and learning practices in a school.

    The King’s Institute provides evidence-based critique and solutions to contemporary teaching and learning issues that extend merely beyond the facilitation of professional development experiences.

    It invests in the ongoing learning of both teaching and supporting staff to develop a nuanced and research-driven understanding of the impact the School and its students have on society.


    The King's Institute drives innovative and engaging teaching and learning practices to assist with the development of global thought leadership.

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