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Welcome to the Preparatory School

Catering for boys from Pre-K to Year 6, The King’s School, Preparatory School provides an enriching and engaging environment nestled within 320 acres of native Australian bushland. 

Building on their natural curiosity and thirst for adventure, the Preparatory School provides space for boys to discover, explore and grow. 

The Preparatory School IB Primary Years Programme

Meet the head of Preparatory School

Mr. Peter Allison

M.Ed. (UWS), B.Ed. (Syd CAE), Dip. Teaching, COGE (UNSW)

Peter has served as Head of Preparatory School since 2013, having previously taught at the Prep between 1995 and 2007. He is just the fifth Head in the history of the Preparatory School. 

Peter has had many roles, Class Teacher, Year Coordinator, Boarding Housemaster and Gifted Education Teacher, giving breadth to his skill as a leader. Peter was instrumental in launching the IB Primary Years Programme at King’s, such is his continued passion for inquiry-based learning. 

Peter enjoys connecting with families and getting to know every boy that attends the Prep, building a very active and close community. Peter is married to Alby and has three children, two of whom are King’s Old Boys. 

Academic Excellence

Learning is most effective when its outcome must be useful and its purpose understood.

Our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) guides boys on their journey of learning and discovery, integrating with the real world to give them context around their efforts, and encouraging them to take responsible actions as a result. 

The King’s School, Preparatory School utilise the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) to deliver the NESA curriculum chosen for its global approach and focuses on the development of the whole child.

Boys participate in a broad, balanced, contemporary curriculum which is challenging, engaging and relevant to the needs of each boy. A balance is sought between the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, development of conceptual understanding, demonstration of positive attitudes and taking responsible action.

Our students learn through six Units of Inquiry which bring together a range of disciplines, including Science, History and Geography, the Arts, Mandarin and Physical Education.

Throughout the program, boys acquire social, communication, thinking, research and self-management skills. They are encouraged to take responsible action as a result of their learning.

Our boys take part in Music, Visual Arts, Woodwork, Physical Education, Biblical Studies, Mandarin and STEM classes.

Many of these classes are taught by subject specialists. Information and digital literacy (Technology) is considered an essential tool to enhance learning.

Students who require additional specialised support with their learning are catered for through our Educational Support Services (ESS) alongside those provisions made within the classroom setting. Involvement in support sessions are fluid, depending on the needs of the child and progress obtained. Students work closely with specialised staff in small group or individual programs that are tailored to their identified learning needs. Learning may occur within the classroom setting or in the ESS tuition areas.

A number of our boys require some provision for special needs. These include those needs for our students with particular gifts and talents. Needs in this area are provided through the Enrichment & Extension Program.

To meet his unique learning strengths, needs and preferences every boy requires differentiated instruction with individual learning needs met in a number of ways. These include a range of instructional strategies, such as flexible grouping, tailored content, and carefully designed resources for students in each classroom.

The Enrichment and Extension Program caters for gifted students through one-on-one teaching or small group instruction. A specialised Extension and Enrichment teacher works with identified students to provide challenging resources and rigorous learning experiences to cater to their level of thinking and to sustain their passion for learning. Involvement in these enrichment sessions is fluid, depending on the needs of the child and the areas of learning that require focus.

The Extension and Enrichment teacher also works to ensure that the classroom curriculum is differentiated so that gifted students are catered for during classroom lessons. Identified students may also have to access problem-solving opportunities and external competitions to suit their needs. These may include the da Vinci Decathlon, Maths Challenge, Maths Olympiad and Write a Book in a Day projects.

Pre-Kindergarten is a five day program for boys (who have turned 4 by 31 March of the entry year) during school terms. There are 20 Kingsbridge positions available each year. Kingsbridge is a unique learning environment, where each child’s curiosity is ignited and his sense of wonder is nurtured. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is Reggio inspired, to stimulate learning through purposeful play and exploration. Our youngest Kingsmen are invited to explore the world beyond their classroom cottage, with regular expeditions around the 320 acre campus to visit animals, agricultural plots and bushland areas.

The learning program reflects the International Baccalaureate PYP curriculum framework, which is collaborative, interactive, reflective and inquiry-based, with learning through play an essential characteristic.

Program enrichment by specialist teachers in Creative and Performing Arts, Mandarin classes, STEM, Physical Education and Outdoor Education.

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy inspires the learning environments and the role of the child in his learning community.

The classroom is spacious and wonderfully resourced, offering a homely and caring atmosphere.

Kingsbridge students benefit from The King’s School renowned student wellbeing, engagement and pastoral care programs.

Daily routines replicate many aspects of ‘Big School’ and will set the boys up for greater success in the academic, social, physical and emotional areas of their lives.

With teaching and learning placed in an international perspective, boys learn how to play their part on the global stage.

Our Christian foundation provides the framework for a strong moral underpinning, personal faith and the development of appropriate values. This is strongly supported by our exemplary pastoral care.

Excellent facilities combine a technology-rich environment with the state-of-the-art Dalleywater Centre, our Inquiry Learning Centre that prepares boys well for the digitally-connected world they will inherit.

Specialist teachers operate across Biblical Studies, Music, Mandarin, Physical and Outdoor Education, Library, STEM, and Visual Arts .   We provide specialist staff to meet the needs of students requiring learning support and those suitable for gifted and talented programs.

As boys grow into their surroundings, we continue with our teaching and learning approach, building on the solid foundations and concepts gained, and further expanding skill development. Where authentically relevant, a range of disciplines such as Science, History, Geography, Personal Development and Creative Arts are integrated into units of study making learning meaningful and connected.  Specialist subjects enjoyed during the early years are further expanded with the inclusion of Wood Technics.

A vibrant music education and performance program is introduced from Year 3 involving all boys, with access to instruments and fully-equipped performance spaces. We also extend sporting opportunities with the introduction of ability-graded inter-school team sports.

The Enterprise Gold Award operates over the final three terms of a boy’s time at Prep with the aim of developing independence, initiative and leadership traits. The program is similar to a mini Duke of Edinburgh Award and embodies elements such as participation in a range of home management responsibilities, the cooking of a breakfast, lunch and dinner, community service initiatives, public speaking presentations and the completion of a major project within an area of interest or challenge.

Character Development

Every boy has the opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership, be challenged and extended, experience failure as well as success, assist and understand how to be a team member and leader. 

These life skills are developed through a variety of clubs and activities, compulsory sport in Years 3 to 6, an extensive music program, a unique outdoor education program, camps and academic teams. 

The unique learning landscape of the King’s campus offers the opportunity for our young students to learn through challenge and adventure and is the foundation of our Character Development program. 

King’s boys enjoy their sport. It is an activity that teaches teamwork, resilience and courage. Sport is one of the few arenas left where a boy may test himself and develop his character through physical endeavour.

In the Preparatory School, boys select a summer and a winter sport. In summer boys choose from basketball or cricket (with the option of tennis in Years 5 and 6) and in winter rugby union or football (soccer).

Boys also participate in athletics, cross country and swimming. During winter, students can also compete in snow sports.

The natural Australian landscape of our campus provides a learning wonderland for our boys. 

Every student participates in the Outdoor Education Program which increases their physical, mental, social and emotional health.  Boys look forward with excitement to activities including mountain bike riding, orienteering, canoeing, and various outdoor survival skills and challenges.

Further confidence, initiative, resilience and independence is fostered through the School’s Camps Program. These experiences also provide students with authentic leadership development opportunities.

The Preparatory School offers a vibrant music program. Our team of professional musicians and music educators work tirelessly to inspire young musicians in the School. A rigorous class teaching program, a wide ranging instrumental program and a vibrant ensemble program injects music into the life of each boy.

All boys participate in music lessons, many of which make use of our purpose-built Music Centre. Boys have access to a wide range of classroom and orchestral instruments, and engage in listening, composing and performing. The ensemble program typically includes Concert Band, Stage Band, String Orchestra, String Quartets and Trios, Flute Ensemble, Theory Groups, Percussion Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble.

The voice is used as one of the key teaching tools in the Preparatory School. All boys are encouraged to sing, and to sing well. Through a varied concert schedule, boys are given opportunities to perform in a variety of choral groups.

From time to time, the music program is enriched through the involvement of professional composers who work with our boys on compositions.

The Preparatory School provides the boys in Years 5 and 6 an opportunity to be part of a School Musical which occurs every second year.

The blend of a well-resourced Department, a stimulating program and a supportive parent body, fosters a lifelong love of music in our boys.

Christian Community

The Christian Community of King’s continues to promote the physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological flourishing of every student so that they may be of ongoing benefit to others. 

As an integral part of King’s Christian ethos, we welcome all students and families – of any or no faith – to join the Christian Community of the King’s School.

Class teachers are the main pastoral carers for our boys in the Preparatory School. Each boy is also a member of a House group where he is cared for by his Housemaster and House staff. The Deputy Head – Students and Community, also works closely with class teachers, House staff, boys and families to nurture the needs of each boy.

There are a number of specialist staff, such as the Associate Chaplain, School Counsellor, School Sergeant and School Nurse who assist where required. Additionally, the Buddy systems operate to support our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students and any new boys who may join the School.

The King’s School welcomes students and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. However, as a Christian school, we celebrate the teachings of Jesus Christ and advance the Christian gospel as explained in the Nicean Creed.

Boys are encouraged to develop their personal faith, be ethical in their actions and adopt values that are worthy of them. The Christian character of King’s is nurtured by our Chaplaincy team. This team incorporates Chaplains, Youth Ministers and a range of others dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of our boys. A vibrant congregation is also based at King’s that offers Christian fellowship not just to boys, but also to parents, staff and friends of the School.

Senior School Transition

Boys can enjoy preferred entry to Year 7 at The King’s School, Senior School. 

This is based on the recommendation of the Head of School, and makes for a seamless transition as boys join the Senior School with an established friendship group. 

During the years spent at the Prep School, cross-campus activities promote the development of a sense of belonging to the broader King’s boarding community.

After School Activities

Boys become heavily immersed into life at the School, and many choose to stay on through the afternoon, partaking in one of the many after school activities available. This provides a form of continuous learning and helps develop a strong sense of belonging for the boys and is often helpful for busy parents, who can rest assured knowing that their sons are happily engaged beyond normal school hours.

All families of The King’s School Preparatory School have guaranteed access to After School Care.  

Boys in P-2 engage in KIP (King’s Integrated Play) a range of fun play activities, under the watchful eye of the duty teacher.

KIP is available 3.00pm–4.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

After School Care is available 4.00pm–6.45pm every weekday.

Boys can immerse themselves in supervised free play or choose from a range of activities including Agriculture, Art, Board Games, ICT, Home Learning, Mandarin, Robotics, Science, Sports Training, and Woodwork.

Activity groups are available 3.30pm–4.45pm every weekday (but not all groups run every day).

After School Care is available 4.45pm–6.45pm every weekday.


The facilities at the Preparatory School have been purposefully created to enrich learning and provide a safe and rewarding environment for every young Kingsman.

  • World-class academic centres
  • Extensive sporting facilities
  • Rich music and arts resources

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