Scholarships and Bursaries

The King's School is fortunate to be able to offer a range of Scholarships and Bursaries for entry to Years 7—11. Many of these awards have been established due to the generosity of Old Boys, parents, friends, associated organisations, and bequests.

The majority of Scholarships are awarded for entry into Year 7. A limited number of awards may also be offered for entry into Years 8 to 11.

Scholarships may be full or partial awards towards the cost of tuition.

Some scholarships are means tested.

Bursaries are given to help with boarding costs and are subject to an assessment of financial capacity.

All scholarships and bursaries are subject to specific terms and conditions, which will be contained in any offer letter.  Awards will commence in 2025, and, subject to the conditions detailed, the offer letter will generally continue for the duration of the student’s enrolment at The King’s School until graduation from Year 12.

Awards of means-tested scholarships and bursaries require an annual compliance statement from parents.  If the financial position of the family improves during the period of the award, families are required to bring this to the notice of the School such that the arrangement may be reviewed.   The School may, at its discretion, ask families to submit updated information on their financial position from time to time to confirm the financial arrangements.

assistance through generosity


Scholarship Assessment examinations are held in February and are followed by interviews for short-listed applicants and subsequent advice.

As a guide, there are usually in excess of 400 applicants for Scholarships annually.

Awards Available

Scholarship and Bursaries may be awarded to students entering Years 7 to 11 who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents for a combination of academic, character, music, or all-round abilities.

Further detail on the range of Scholarships available for entry to The King’s School in 2025 will be made available in October 2023.

Jack Egan Memorial Scholarships and Bursaries are offered at The King’s School, Tudor House. Further information on the Tudor House Jack Egan Awards can be found here.

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Application for Scholarships

Registration for those who wish to apply for awards for entry into the School in Years 7-11 in 2025 will open in October 2023.

Boarding Bursaries

It is important to The King’s School that our community and families are supported in boarding through the provision of financial assistance in the form of Boarding Bursaries.

Boarding bursaries are means-tested. Further information regarding 2025 Boarding Bursaries will be made available in October 2023.


Bursary awards are separate to the outcome of the scholarship examination, although students are still expected to sit the scholarship exam.

We encourage all families who require financial aid to apply for Bursaries.

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