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Specialists in Boys' Education

For over 190 years The King’s School has been graduating young men who are highly-valued for the quality of their minds, the calibre of their character and their commitment to service. 

Our immersive approach helps boys develop into young men of good character and integrity through exploring, learning, playing, competing, creating, performing and connecting. 

Students in cadet uniforms crawling through mud.

Developing young men of integrity

King’s is an ideal learning environment for boys where they can explore, play sport and engage in a wider variety of activities not always possible to accomodate in other schools. Boys can expand their horizons and be mentored by strong and caring role models on their journey to manhood. 

Boys are guided in all facets of leadership, across Christian service and self-sacrifice, learning, community and peer leadership. Formal structures include the Boys to Men Program, The King’s School Cadet Corps and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

We strive to educate the whole student, providing him with the values and skills for a life of service and this approach is what distinguishes a King’s School education. 

We are committed to providing boys with a unique adventure in learning, where boys develop their qualities of mind, body and soul, prepared to be lifelong learners and ready to join the wider world as global thought leaders. 

The King’s School hosts The National Boys’ Education Conference and has been an advisor to the Federal Government on boys’ education. King’s is also actively involved in the International Boys’ School Coalition and makes significant contributions to its annual conferences around the world. 

We educate the whole student, using an immersive approach to develop their qualities of mind, body and soul, in order to provide them with the values and skills for a life of service.

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