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For the good of society
Our values and history

Mission and Values

Our values are a frame of reference and the core of what it means to be a person of character. Their inspirational tone is our beacon for behaviour and interaction, culminating in a desire to lead with service to the community.

By fulfilling and demonstrating our values we seek to make an outstanding impact for the good of society through our young men and their leadership, both as current students and as old boys when they embrace the challenges of life after school.

  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Gratitude
  • for the good of society


    The King's School is a Christian community that seeks to make an outstanding impact for the good of society through its students, and by the quality of its teaching and leadership in education.
    The King's Boys School Values and History

    The King's Uniform

    Our School mission is best embodied in our distinctive uniform - the oldest military uniform still worn in Australia.

    The King’s School uniform proudly symbolises one who lives under authority and is prepared to live their life in service for others.

    symbolism of service


    Founded in 1831 by the command of King William IV of England.

    Our History

    The King's School is Australia's oldest independent school. Founded in 1831 by the command of King William IV of England, King's was established as a boys' school that would provide Australia with its next generation of leaders, through a community-centred ethos of humility and service.

    Situated on 320 acres of beautiful parkland in the demographic centre of Sydney, King’s endeavours to give educational leadership by contributing richly to educational and social debate.

    Its teaching resources, particularly in the area of boys’ education, boarding and the development of leadership skills, are used around the world.

    an ethos of humility and service


    For further information on King’s History and Archives please contact our Archivist, Mrs Jenny Pearce by email.
    The King's School Leaders, Headmaster Tony George

    Our Headmasters

    In The King’s School’s near 200 year history there have only been 20 Headmasters who have guided the School from strength to strength.

    In May 1831, Reverend Robert Forrest was appointed the first Headmaster. On opening day in 1832, he would commence his duties serving the first three pupils.

    Leading in the service of others

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