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Connecting our Past, Present and Future

Our philanthropic character is at the centre of the School’s heritage: the goodwill to ensure King’s thrives into the future, bravely and faithfully. The King’s of today is a modern and dynamic Australian school, inspired by our values and the teaching quality. 

We are grateful that so many members of our community – our students, Old Boys, staff, parents and past parents – are inspired to support academic excellence programs. This helps to create the leaders of tomorrow. 

There is great meaning in connecting people to their passions and from being well-connected within and across The King’s School community. The Foundation can provide opportunities for this connection. We hope you will support our commitment to perpetuate the School’s vision.  

By investing in young people, we are investing in the quality of our future. A higher purpose is hard to imagine. We encourage you to join us and help plant the seeds of a better future for King’s, towards the School’s 2031 bicentenary and beyond. 

A History of Giving

The King’s School has unique traditions and history which parallel our nation’s development.

As Australia’s oldest independent school, our strength and standing are due to our ability to evolve and grow to deliver the highest education standards and create tomorrow’s leaders.  Each new development phase and investment requires courage and vision, as well as practical and financial support. Now as in the past, we seek to draw on the wisdom and generosity of our community to lay the School’s future foundations. 

The King’s School is on a ten-year runway towards our bicentenary year in 2031. We are now at an important stage when we can set up the School for the next one hundred years. Over the next 10 years, we are committed to significant scholarship and building projects to ensure our young people receive access to an education that maximises each student’s potential. 


The King's School Foundation exists to promote The King's School and to advance its standing and mission. Our objective is to secure the School's financial independence and reinforce its position as a leading Australian school.

What You Can Support

The King’s School Foundation leads philanthropic activities for the School and is responsible for ensuring that each gift is endowed effectively and as intended by our benefactors. The Foundation provides three philanthropic opportunities.  

  1. People – through Scholarships and Bursaries 
  2. Places – buildings and assets for educational and co-curricular activities
  3. Programs – partnerships and projects that will help future-proof the School

The Foundation exists to advance the School’s reputation, capacity and position as a leading Australian school and to encourage a school-wide culture of philanthropy. 

Your support will ensure this tradition of transforming young people’s lives will continue in the century ahead.

It is critical for the Foundation to attract philanthropic support from our alumni, past and current parents, the wider community, business and external organisations predisposed to our strategic goals and vision. This will reduce our dependence on government funding and fee increases, enhance our capacity to compete on the world stage and sustain our distinctive culture well into the future.

The King’s School Foundation proudly supports partnerships and projects that will help future-proof the future of the School. Please consider making a donation to one of the following funds:

      • The King’s School Foundation Building Fund: The building and infrastructure assets for educational purposes and co-curricular activities.
      • The King’s School Scholarship, Bursaries & Prizes Fund: Academic scholarship and boarding bursaries for those boys of great potential who would not otherwise have access to the School.

The Foundation Governance

The members of The King’s School Foundation Board play a key role in promoting a positive culture of giving throughout the King’s community. They provide leadership in respect of philanthropic commitment, through voluntarily giving their expertise and time. They encourage their networks to join them in giving back through supporting The King’s School Foundation. 

The Foundation is governed by a Board comprised of the President, elected members, the School Council, Old Boys’ Union and ex-officio members, including the Headmaster and Chairman. To find out more about The King’s School Foundation Board, please click here. 

Join Us

The King’s School Foundation offers you an opportunity to join a special group of members who are inspired to help maintain the good health of this great School.

Membership entitles access to unique experiences, exclusive events, recognition and connections. There is a suite of benefits that include access to boutique dinners, garden parties and networking events, money-can’t-buy experiences, with honorary recognition and personalised merchandise.

Above all, membership provides the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with members of The King’s School community.

There is an exciting momentum building towards the School’s 200th anniversary celebration in 2031. The Foundation is at the heart of the development of King’s.

We invite you to help us write this next historic chapter. To help connect the past, present and future of the School.

To find out more about joining The King’s School Foundation, please click here.

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