Preparatory School overview

Pastoral care

Pastoral care

We believe that pastoral care is the linchpin of a positive and productive learning environment.
Staff and students alike understand that our boys will learn best when they feel safe and secure, and are in an environment with clear and consistent boundaries. Our comprehensive pastoral care framework ensures that each boy benefits from the support of his peers, teachers, Housemaster and Senior Executive Staff.

The class group and year group provide the essential point of contact and care for our students on a day-to-day basis. This is a horizontal system: the boys benefit from the development of long term relationships within their peer group and the care of their classroom teachers.

For the boys of Years 3 to 6, our unique House system places the Housemaster as the key contact person and pastoral carer. While K-2 students are aligned with a House from Kindergarten, their key pastoral care contact is the Director of Students. The care provided through the House system is vertical in nature. The boys remain in the same House for the duration of their time in the Prep School and get to build relationships with boys from K-6. The Housemaster is a consistent point of contact for the boys, their families and the staff, who all share in the responsibility of care throughout these vital years of the learning journey. The House system also provides opportunities for student leadership and cross-grade peer support.

All Year 6 students engage in the unique Enterprise Award. They are challenged to demonstrate ‘enterprise’ as they undertake various challenges, primarily with support from home. These challenges include planning, preparing and cooking meals, community service, public speaking and a major project of their choice. The Enterprise Award provides a framework for development of skills, learning through experience and relationship building. It culminates in an impressive exhibition of completed projects and a week-long outdoor education camping experience.