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Congratulations to 2022 graduate Kevin Wang

Congratulations to Kevin Wang (’22) who has achieved first place in the state in both Chemistry and Mathematics Extension 2. 

Earlier today the NSW Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell, hosted the First in Course Ceremony to honour students who ranked first in the state for the 2022 HSC courses. This is not the first time Kevin has attended the First in Course Ceremony. In 2021, as an accelerant student, Kevin placed first in course for Mathematics Advanced. 

Kevin is known by the community as an exceptional young man, with an excellent mind. He has excelled academically and beyond, during his six years at The King’s School.

Kevin is the 2022 recipient of The Reverend Canon Wallace Mort Prize for Dux of the School. He was also Year 11 Dux, and silver medallist at the International Chemistry Olympiad and a gold medallist at the Australian Chemistry Olympiad in 2022. 

Furthermore, in recognition of his brilliant mind, at Graduation Kevin was awarded the GB Owen Tuck Prizefor Original Literary Composition, the DJ Thomas Prize for Physics, the Edward Britton Summerbell Prize for Chemistry, the UNSW Year 12 Student Mathematics Prize and academic prizes in Chemistry, English Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2.

Kevin was a Year 12 Monitor in the Academic Portfolio, and he was an integral member of The Future Project, where he was able to pursue his passion for science and in particular, chemistry. 

While Kevin is a gifted academic, he also contributed significantly to the co-curricular life at King’s. According to Kevin, it was the opportunity to try things outside the classroom which really pushed him to develop as a person. 

“King’s helped me to recognise I could achieve greater fulfilment than academic success alone. It was through my co-curricular achievements that I was able to find self-confidence,” he says.

Kevin was an integral member of the 1st Debating team, the Twelve Club and the Write Now Club. He also contributed to sports, playing Tennis, Table Tennis and was Captain of the 2nds Volleyball team. 

“Through all the experiences I have had during my time at King’s, I have realised that I am both willing and capable of extending and enriching my path towards my final destination – and just how rewarding that can be.” 

Kevin extended and enriched his pathway in many ways. As a member of the Cadet Corps, he was promoted to Cadet Under Officer (CUO) in recognition of his leadership skills. He also demonstrated resilience and endurance, gaining his Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. This achievement is a true testament to his willingness to pursue opportunities outside the classroom. Kevin also contributed to the King’s Music program as a member of the clarinet ensemble and the Symphonic Band. 

“My advice to the next class of HSC students is to make your last year at The King’s School count. Try whatever you want, leave with no regrets and do not take things too seriously.”

Kevin hopes to become a medical doctor and is planning to study a Doctor of Medicine at UNSW or a Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate degree in Medicine at the University of Sydney.

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