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Music is woven through the experience of every boy at King's. By the end of his time at the School he will, at the very least, have completed 100 hours of compulsory classroom tuition, have sung in chapel services and have heard performances in assemblies by school and visiting musicians.

He may have:

  • sung in the School choir or have been part of a musical production in the theatre;
  • learned a musical instrument and played solo or been part of one of the School's many ensembles;
  • opted to take music as an elective subject (between Years 8-12).

The experiencing, the participation in and the understanding of music, as with all the arts, leads to a cultural awakening, a unique insight into history and an exploration of the feelings and emotions of ourselves and others. Music making involves team-work, self-reliance and self-discipline as well as preparation and concentration. When music is created in this way, the human response is one of deep fulfilment, an appreciation of beauty and inspiration that is beyond the physical and tangible. The music program at King's aims to provide opportunities for the experiencing and participation in music at whatever level a boy feels inclined to involve himself. Further, it endeavours to equip musicians with skills that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Music at King's:

  • is participatory
  • integrates listening, performing (singing and playing), composing
  • promotes both individual and social aspects of music-making
  • develops creative thinking
  • assists in the development of the whole person (sensory, physical, intellectual, personal, emotional, cultural, and sense of community)
  • is fun and challenging