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Industrial Arts

Much in education involves routine procedures for solving problems and rote learning of facts, figures or rules. When tasks are practical, processes must be understood before success is possible. Concepts unique to Industrial Arts are those concerned with the measurement datum, accurate measurements, sizing and the behaviour of materials when worked. Familiarity with a large range of hand and power tools is also developed. For a long time, Design has been an integral part of Industrial Arts subjects, and today this emphasis is increased and broadened to include the environmental and social aspects of design, with students realising a solution to a design or engineering challenge.

All boys at The King's School are offered learning experiences in the Technology field. Students in Year 7 and 8 study the Technology Mandatory course, which is an exciting introduction to the design and construction of projects using a wide variety of materials and techniques. Students cover a minimum of six different context areas and are introduced to a vast range of new skills, both from a design and practical perspective.

For those boys who show further interest and ability, there are a variety of elective subjects on offer in the Department. Each course specialises in a particular field of technology in which boys can submerse themselves in their interest. These courses encourage skill development and are a delicate balance of theory and design, with the majority of work being of a practical nature. Courses offered in Years 9 and 10 include Graphics Technology, Design and Technology and Industrial Technology, specialising in either timber or metal. In the senior years boys can study Design and Technology, Industrial Technology or the Engineering Studies course for their Higher School Certificate.

Boasting exceptional facilities for the study of all subjects in the Industrial Arts field, King's state of the art specialised workshops for the study of timber and metal, also have numerous industry standard CAD-CAM machines and dedicated computer labs for design and engineering work. The Industrial Arts department not only offers a wide breadth of NSW Board of Studies approved subjects in the Technology field within the timetable, numerous extra-curricula clubs are available for participation by all boys, after hours, providing new and exciting challenges. The emphasis in all clubs is on self-reliance and the development of decision-making capacity. Operating for two hours per week after school and on Friday nights, they cover such areas as woodwork, metalwork, electronics, and leatherwork. In addition, the Industrial Arts computer graphics and design facility is available outside normal classroom hours.

Industrial Arts subjects offer boys the chance to solve problems in a practical, hands-on manner, giving them a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Students at King's consistently often include Industrial Technology, Design and Technology or Engineering Studies amongst their best HSC results. Year after year, the work produced by students in the Industrial Arts faculty is outstanding. Countless boys' work has been nominated and displayed at the annual Intech display or the DesignTECH exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

The Industrial Arts department is a vibrant and dynamic faculty with a highly experienced and dedicated staff and supplement the boys' academic and practical work by regular industry visits and excursions.