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Geography is vital to the education of every young Australian in the 21st century. It is the study of places - their environments, populations, economies and communities - and how and why these places are changing. Geography gives students a holistic view of the world, combining the natural and social sciences. Students of Geography gain the understanding, knowledge and skills to make sense of complex issues such as climate change, drought, ageing populations, urban growth, ethnic conflicts and globalisation. Geography students at The King's School study people and places using both traditional methods and using the latest spatial technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The beauty of the earth, the terrible power of earth-shaping forces and Geographical investigation, satisfy and nourish curiosity. Geography deepens understanding, for many contemporary challenges - climate change, food security, energy choices - cannot be understood without a geographical perspective. Examples are the Christchurch Earthquake, Japanese Tsunami, QLD Floods, Humanitarian Aid in the Horn of Africa, Australia's Immigration policies, and the Carbon Debate.

Thinking and decision making with Geography helps us to live our lives as knowledgeable global citizens, aware of our own local communities in a global setting.

Using maps and GIS technology, mediated images of people and place, numerical data and graphical modes of communication, and getting to grips with the geographic information systems that underpin our lives, make geographers skilful and employable. From environmental management to globalisation to peace and justice, Geographers have the skills and knowledge to deal with a variety of issues including business sustainability in the 21st Century.