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Computing Studies

The Computing Studies Faculty at The King's School prepares students for their future technological needs. Whether this is within the Information Technology industry or simply the use of technology in other industries, the aim is to give students who choose Computing Studies subjects a broad understanding of past, current and emerging technology.

We believe that the acquisition and communication of technology concepts is valuable, that intellectual formation should enable each individual to achieve personal excellence, that a class is a community in which the rights of all should be respected with each individual being a valued contributor.

All Computing Studies programs are based on the Board of Studies syllabi and aim to enable students to acquire skills in using computers, to investigate computer based systems, learn about processes of information flow, solve simple and complex problems and use appropriate terminology. The three teaching staff in the Department are experienced educators with a broad background of computer usage and knowledge.

Students in Years 8 to 10 can choose to study Information Software and Technology, with six units of topic areas ranging from ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Digital Media’ to ‘Lego Mindstorm Robotics’. Senior students in Years 11 and 12 can select from the HSC courses of Software Design and Development and Information Processes and Technology. All courses involve extensive practical assignment and project work.

The Department is based in two computer laboratories linked through the School intranet to common resources and document storage, as well as the wider internet. Students also are able to use their own laptops where appropriate. An extensive range of state-of-the-art professional software applications is available to all students, ranging from multimedia creation tools to programming language compilers.