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2024 Educator Rising Star

Anthony Dickerson, Assistant Head of English

Having started working at The King’s School as a practicum student in 2020, just as New South Wales entered its first COVID lockdowns, now Assistant Head of English Anthony Dickerson has ensured even a pandemic could not stop his career development.

His career focus and hard work have seen Mr Dickerson recognised as an Educator Rising Star for 2024, having joined the School in a full-time role in Term 3 2020 upon completing his prac.

He said, “Under the supervision of Sonya Harper and Christie Smith I gained a great deal of knowledge and skills, the support and mentoring that these two outstanding educators offered me, and continue to offer me, has proven absolutely priceless.”

After a nine-year career as a personal trainer Mr Dickerson’s shift to teaching has seen him quickly take on several leadership positions at The King’s School, including coordinating Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN and Year 7 English Learning Programs in 2021, as well as a New Staff Mentor in 2024 through The King’s Institute.

“My career so far at The King’s School has proven, without a doubt, to be the most enjoyable and rewarding experience of my life. I aspire to continue developing as both an educator, an educational leader, as my passion lies in not only helping students but also my colleagues, elevating the team of people around me so that we can all succeed together,” Mr Dickenson said.

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