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Year 6 Global Issues Symposium

A signature event for the students of Year 6 within an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme School is the Year 6 Exhibition. The goal of the PYP is to enable students to become skilled inquirers about their world and to learn how to be independent in managing that inquiry process. Up until the final year in the program, the approach undertaken through the process of inquiry is largely guided by the teachers as they study different units. Towards the end of their engagement with the PYP, the students undertake an independent inquiry into an issue of global significance.

The fruits of their endeavours were celebrated at a Global Issues Symposium held last night, where the boys shared their knowledge with parents and staff from across King’s, as well as visiting students from other schools. During the presentation the boys described the issue and causes, potential solutions and actions that they have undertaken as a result of their investigations.

The evening culminated with the inaugural presentation of the piece “Our Home is Our Home” which was composed in collaboration with the Year 6 students and composer, Andrew Howes. The impressive art installations at the front of the hall titled “Seeing through a Scar” captured the attention of the audience. These art pieces were the result of a collaboration with indigenous artist, Brett Groves.

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