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UN Youth Voice Competition – National Finals

We congratulate Ethan Zhu in Year 8 who won the NSW State Final of the UN Youth Voice Competition to qualify for the National Competition, held in the April holidays.

Whilst the Nationals did not progress as it has traditionally, Ethan was still able to compete virtually via Zoom and he was awarded a Highly Commended award – an excellent achievement in this national competition. Here is a reflection from Ethan:

UN Voice is a nationwide competition that provides youth with big ideas a platform to share them on. The entire competition, run by young people, for young people. It is a public speaking competition, where students create a short speech to propose a solution to global problems, such as climate change, or poverty in the developing world. Participants are then asked questions on their proposal.

There is a major social element to this competition, as competitors meet in local venues, state parliament houses, and the national capitals. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, a national round at Adelaide was no longer possible. Fortunately, an online model was possible, as youth from all over the country were able to meet on a Zoom conference call. Over two days, participants engaged in interactive problem solving, workshops and a final round of speeches.

I have found Voice to be a highly enriching competition that has assisted me in developing research and public speaking skills. I thoroughly enjoyed competing and meeting like-minded individuals. In particular, being able to brainstorm solutions to important issues affecting society and presenting it as a pitch was highly rewarding. I would encourage all year 7-10 students participate, even if they will be held online given the circumstances. “

Kathryn Fraser, Head of Academic Enrichment and Extension

4 May 2020

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