Developing resilience and leadership in early childhood

Developing resilience and leadership in early childhood

During our lives we will all face trauma, adversity and other stresses. Personal resilience is the key to adapting well to life-changing situations and emerging even stronger than before. 

In the current world climate it is imperative for not only adults to have resilience but to help build resilience in children too. Resilience provides a foundation for developing coping skills, self-awareness and better mental health. 

Resilience isn’t just a personality trait, but involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that anyone can learn and develop. Most parents understand the importance of building resilience in children during the early stages of childhood, but knowing how to achieve this can be challenging.

Parents shouldn’t feel alone or pressured to take on the sole responsibility of teaching their children. Schools also have the capacity to promote and enhance resilience and leadership through programs that guide students on a path of optimism, a sense of purpose and self-management.

Through tailored school programs, educators can teach social and emotional skills to all students. Some schools have taken action and develop strategies to foster key skills which are building blocks of resilience and leadership. 

The King’s School, Preparatory School has designed and developed ‘The Enterprise Gold Award’ that equips boys with a number of essential life skills and is a highlight of the boys’ primary school experience.

Extended across the whole year for Year 6 students, there are five areas that make up the Enterprise Gold Award:

  • The Major Project – where boys are challenged to create something of worth. When undertaking this project, boys are encouraged to develop new skills.
  • Domestic activities – which requires the boys to prepare and deliver three family meals, take responsibility for bed making, dressing appropriately, managing personal hygiene and general organisation.
  • Communication – where boys prepare and deliver a presentation.
  • School Knowledge – that requires students to undertake research into their school, being Australia’s oldest independent school.
  • Community service – where boys undertake community service that will benefit someone or an organisation beyond the direct family.

Successful completion of these tasks earns boys an invitation to the Enterprise Camp. The Enterprise Camp is a wonderful Outdoor Education experience undertaken at the end of the School year. Boys undertake various outdoor learning experiences where they participate in a number of leadership challenges that develop independence, initiative and collaborative problem-solving skills.

In The King’s School, Senior School, boys go onto further leadership and resilience training that includes at least two years’ service in the Cadet Corps, engagement with social service initiatives and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. Other opportunities include the Boys to Men Program, overseas language exchange program and Monitor training.

A Year 5 start at The King’s School, Preparatory School is fundamental to ensure a child has access to the resilience and leadership building programs in Year 6, and provides a smooth transition and preferred entry to the Senior School for Year 7.

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