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King’s Prep Parenting: Episode 7

Welcome to a special follow up episode of King’s Prep Parenting, where Dr David Hegarty builds on his wise advice regarding managing your child’s behaviour, using positive parenting strategies.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding of roles and it is also one of life’s greatest rewards. It can certainly be a challenge to get the various seasons right in our parenting. And like anything else in life, we will face hurdles, we will make mistakes, we will grow through experiences.

As a parent, I am an advocate for leaning into the life journeys of those around us whom we respect and love. We hope that you can lean into us as a community, and learn from and with us in this most important area of raising a child who likes themselves, who embraces opportunities with relish, and who has the confidence to bounce forward with resilience after setbacks. Much of this rests in attachment and behaviour management.

David, Psychologist and Prep School Counsellor, will add further advice in this episode, including the evidence based strategy of Time-Out.

Belinda Baxter (Deputy Head Students and Community)

King’s Prep Parenting: Episode 7 [Audio]
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