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The Future Project: How mRNA Vaccines Work

Our Year 10 Junior Future Project classes, Junior Science Communicators and Junior Research Interns have kept busy during the lockdown. Taking part in a special “Depth Study” (ie science project) with our resident scientists from Quantal Bioscience, the boys were tasked with building a model on the timely topic: “How mRNA vaccines work”.

Quantal Bioscience, who have been with The Future Project since its inception in 2014, is a research microbiology laboratory that studies microorganisms and how they affect all parts of life. Since last year, their team and our Future Project interns have been working with cutting-edge nanopore sequencing technology – the same technology currently being used to detect COVID-19 clusters around the world. 

Despite labs being closed, our boys have gone above and beyond, coming up with some incredible models using the resources they had at home. Their ingenuity has been remarkable and the level of science that they communicated is truly inspiring as they have surpassed the standard curriculum. 

“The boys have put a lot of effort into this project and what we have seen has been very impressive! We are so proud of these young men who have responded so well to take on this challenge,” said Dr Vera Munro-Smith, Director of The Future Project.

“I am also thankful for the effort of the teachers involved (Ms Catherine Breene and Mr Bobby Gange) who helped guide the students through their projects,” she concludes. 

We look forward to Term 4 when our students can get back into the lab and put their knowledge into further practice.

Please enjoy a sample of our student videos.


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