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Meet Our Housemasters

The King’s School offers a rich boarding experience, that provides our students a home away from home packed with fun and adventure. Our boarders are surrounded by a pastoral care community that nurtures their growth as they mature into resilient and able young men.

Start your King's boarding adventure by getting to know the Housemasters.

Meet Our Director of Boarding

Ben Chadwick, Director of Boarding

Overseeing the academic development, community engagement and pastoral care of around 360 boarders on the Senior campus, Ben Chadwick provides support for them to become positive contributors to society.

For 15 years, Ben has been involved in three boarding houses as an Assistant Boarding Housemaster and Boarding Housemaster before moving into his current role of Director of Boarding. He lives on campus with his wife, three children and two dogs.

A typical day on campus for Ben involves working with the Deputy Head of Students and Community, ensuring the boys are safe, checking in on mental health and making sure the boys are making the most of their opportunity as a boarder. He also teaches throughout the day and travels for expos and community events. In the evening, Ben makes an effort to spend time at the boarding houses to be a part of the boys’ lives.

Ben spends most of his weekends away sharing the King’s boarding experience with new families, as well as spending time with our current boarding families.

Getting to Know Our Housemasters

Patrick Hilgendorf, Baker Hake Housemaster (Acting)

Pat Hilgendorf’s role is to shape the lives of about 75 boys through academics, well-being and building a connection within the community.

Being an Old Boy (2004), Pat is well-known within the School community. Three years ago, he joined King’s once again, working in boarding and as a teacher while living on-site with his fiancée.

A typical day on campus involves Pat waking up early to start morning duties at his House and getting the boys up and prepared for the day. He teaches his PDHPE classes throughout the day and coaches sport in the afternoon. Returning to the boarding house in the evening, Patrick completes necessary duties and checks in with the boys to see how they are doing.

Patrick is currently the School’s Master-in-Charge of Rugby.


Tom Ruddick, Bishop Barker Harris Housemaster


Tom Ruddock’s role is to encourage the boys to do their best across all areas of the School and to get themselves involved in outdoor activities.

Being an Old Boy (2006), Tom wanted to continue his connection with the School by taking on the Housemaster and History teacher roles in 2020. He lives on-site with his wife, Fiona, and two daughters, Grace and Hannah. With his own personal experience, Tom understands first-hand the wonderful opportunities the boys will experience on their journey at King’s.

Tom is passionate about the outdoors, particularly mountaineering and rock climbing.

James Pace, Broughton Forrest Housemaster


James Pace describes his role as looking after the well-being of the boys by making sure they are meeting their academic requirements, while facilitating a healthy lifestyle and being a parent figure in their lives.

James joined Broughton Forrest in 2020, helping out with duties in Term 2 during the COVID-19 lockdown. The boys saw him as a member of the community, and when the Broughton Forrest Housemaster role became available, he took it under his wing. While living alone on-site, he has built a strong relationship with the boys through boarding and academics.

A typical day on campus involves James preparing the boys for the day and giving them daily notices during their House meetings. During the day, James teaches his classes, and checks in, following up on any issues and concerns the boys may have. In the afternoon, he prepares them for sport and study, ensures all tasks are completed for the day and settles them for bed.

In early 2021, James coached cricket and football and will soon be coaching the tennis team.

James Peters, Macarthur Waddy Housemaster

Looking after the academic and pastoral care needs of nearly 80 boys, James Peters works closely with the students and their families through their King’s journey from Year 8-12. He also takes care of the financial and administrative aspects of running a boarding house. 

Since joining King’s in 2018, James has been involved in boarding from day one. He has worked in Baker Hake and Broughton Forrest, before finding his true home in Macarthur Waddy. James moved on-site with his wife, Kate, and their three children Roman, Adelaide and Wesley.

A typical day on campus involves James starting his duties at the boarding house in the early morning, waking the boys up, getting them ready for the day, and sending them off to breakfast. Throughout the day, James teaches Biblical Studies and Stage 6 Studies of Religion classes. The evenings consist of sport, a House meeting, check-ins with the boys and help with study. 

Each winter, James loves coaching rugby. He also looks after the 14B’s two training sessions a week and a game on Saturday. 

Grant Gerber, Gowan Brae Housemaster


Looking after about 50 Year 7 boys, Grant Gerber helps them settle into boarding and ensures their smooth transition into the Senior School. 

As a student attending King’s (1994), Grant was a boarder in Broughton Forrest for six years. Ten years later, Grant moved on-site and has been working in boarding ever since. He lives on campus with his wife, Jenny, their three children, Zac, Rhiannon and Tianne, their dog, Teddy, and three cats Snowy, Charlie and Archie. 

A typical day on campus involves Grant getting up bright and early each morning to prepare for their House meeting while getting the boys ready for the day. Throughout the school day, Grant teaches his classes and sorts out any issues the boys may have, such as homesickness and any academic challenges. In the afternoon, he prepares the boys for their House meeting, sport and study before getting home  late in the evening. 

In the past, Grant was heavily involved with snow sports and the rugby team. Now  as a Housemaster, he assists with cricket and enjoys watching the boys play sport. 

Start your boarding adventure:

Discover Boarding Information Session

Families interested in boarding at The King’s School are welcome to join us for our upcoming Discover Boarding Information Session!

While we, unfortunately, haven’t been able to visit many of our NSW Regional Tour destinations or Boarding School Expos due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, our Registrar, Jo Grinham and Director of Boarding, Ben Chadwick are eager to still connect with our wider community.

Commencing at 6.00pm on Wednesday 3 and Wednesday 10 November, King’s will be hosting two Zoom sessions for those interested in learning more about boarding at The King’s School, Senior School and/or The King’s School, Tudor House. Come and find out what life is like for a King’s boarder and what makes boarding at our School so unique.

If you are interested in attending, please register via the button below.

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