International students

International Students

The King's School has a rich and long-standing tradition supporting the education of students from countries other than Australia. Being at the demographic centre of Australia's largest and most culturally diverse city, The King's School's student population of both boarder and day boys reflects Sydney's rich cultural diversity. The School's advanced boarding facilities and international reputation for academic excellence and leadership result in strong interest from international students make an important contribution to our boarding community.

Enquiries for International student enrolment can be made directly with the School’s Enrolment Office.

Please note for students who are on a Sub Class 500 Visa, boarding is compulsory.

For students whom English is a second language, The King’s School has a mandatory requirement for the completion of an AEAS assessment. The results of the AEAS assessment must be submitted with the students completed Registration for Enrolment form.

For further information or to apply for AEAS testing, please visit