International students

International Students

The King's School has a rich and long-standing tradition supporting the education of students from countries other than Australia. Being at the demographic centre of Australia's largest and most culturally diverse city, The King's School's student population of both boarder and day boys reflects Sydney's rich cultural diversity. The School's advanced boarding facilities and international reputation for academic excellence and leadership, result in strong interest from international students who make up almost 15% (around 50 students) of the boarding population at any time.

International students hold student visas to study in Australia, but the School also enrols applicants where availability permits, whose families may be in Australia on extended stays on business or temporary resident visas.

International students typically come from Asia and the Pacific Rim countries such as China (particularly the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao), Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, but also from the Middle East and Europe. The School also enjoys a culturally diverse day student enrolment reflecting both its position in the demographic centre of Sydney and the wider Australian population.

Some of these families make enquiries and enrol directly with the School. Other families seek the assistance of education agents in their country of origin to help with the application process. The School is also a founding member of Australian Boarding Schools International (