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Who We Are | Collaborate

The King’s School established The Future Project in 2014 to harness the transformational power of industry–school partnerships. Our central mission is to motivate and engage next-generation, globally-minded scientists, engineers, inventors, critical thinkers, and pioneers.

The Future Project creates unique opportunities for students to collaborate with external partners in education and industry, while building proficiency in self-directed learning, extension, and academic endeavour.

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What We Do | Solve

The Future Project

The Future Project offers real-world learning experiences through pilot programs, research/project internships, in-class programs, incursions, and external representative opportunities. Students build skills, capacity, and confidence by learning and investigating with innovative thought makers and inventors. The Future Project is the ideal environment for students and industry partners to mutually develop collaborative skills, as solving global ‘wicked’ problems will require imaginative ideas, backed with thorough research and testing.

Senior internship programs offer students the opportunity to work with partners on authentic research in onsite, industry-level laboratories. They may also have the opportunity to present their work at national or international conferences and exhibitions, and to be named as co-authors in published research.

Our Vision | Innovate

The Future Project strives to embed innovation thinking at the pre-tertiary level. We provide an enabling environment for an innovation ecosystem in Greater Sydney, while connecting with global networks.

We facilitate the ideal pilot program setting by developing mutually beneficial ­ partnerships, and explore diverse opportunities that include multidisciplinary collaboration within and across Departments at The King’s School. We encourage a collaborative process with clearly defined educational outcomes to build early skills and competency for innovation.

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Partner With Us | Communicate

The Future Project

The Future Project offers an ‘in-residence’ opportunity to new businesses, start-ups, and established partners at commercial-grade premises at The King’s School. In return, partners offer students the chance to work on real research through internships, as well as pilot programs to co-create solutions. The Future Project aims to widen inclusion beyond its Science origins, and is actively seeking partners in industry and academia.

The Future Project provides a framework to: collaborate and communicate on projects and activities that examine interdisciplinary intersection; explore possibilities to create or contribute to innovation ecosystems within the School or with external national and international partners; leverage internal expertise and industry collaboration to create new experiential learning opportunities for students at King’s and in the wider community; and establish deep and effective relationships with renowned international schools, universities, and organisations that enrich our students’ study and career pathways.

Current and Previous Partners

The University of Sydney
Vitramed Bioscience
Prime Biologics
Sydney Robotics Academy
Quantal Bioscience
Animated Biomedical Productions
Vitramed Mechatronics


Interested in collaborating with The Future Project? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at or use the form below.

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