The King's School Foundation

Investing In Futures

The King's School has a rich heritage, most particularly in innovation in boys' education. Since the School's founding at Harrisford on George Street, Parramatta in 1832, through to the beloved Riverside site on the northern banks of the river and thence on to Gowan Brae, the School has grown to take its place in the vanguard of boys' education. All the while with academic excellence, character development, unique opportunities and first class facilities being the hallmarks of a King's School education.

At the centre of our rich heritage is our philanthropic character: our will to ensure that the School more than endures; it leads the way. Many who have come to The King's School have ensured that they leave it a better place than when they arrived, as demonstrated through their generous gifts and benefactions.

Families have bestowed their own legacy. Scholarships and bursaries are bequeathed and invested. People have given gates and windows, trees and benches. Others give to libraries and pavilions, to laboratories and boarding houses. Rowers give an oar, musicians an instrument. Cattle and livestock, advice, expertise, direction and of course their time. Through the ages, many with generous and giving hearts have enquired of the needs of the School and worked to meet them.

The King's School Foundation, together with the Development Office, is the body through which the philanthropic initiatives for the School are advanced. Its role is to ensure that it is investing in the School's future.

The Foundation, formed in 1976, manages programs such as:

  • The Future Project
  • Annual Giving
  • Scholarships
  • Building Funds and Appeals
  • Bequests and Benefactions
  • Co-curricular and Support Group infrastructure

The Foundation's efforts are built upon its ability to reach out to all in The King's School community. Its Old Boys, its parents and past parents, staff, and friends are all an essential part of our philanthropic endeavours.

To receive information about the Foundation, its appeals and activities, or to enquire about how you can be involved, please click here to email us. We look forward to your involvement as we honour our heritage and invest in our future.

The King's School Foundation Limited
Notice of Forty-second Annual General Meeting
to be held on Wednesday, 30 May 2018