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2024 Executive Monitor Team Announcement

Head of Senior School and Deputy Headmaster Reverend Stephen Edwards, is delighted to announce the 2024 Executive Monitor Team.

School Captain: Ethan Zhu (Britten House)

School Vice Captain: Charlie Maple-Brown (Bishop Barker Harris)

Executive Monitor (Academics): Jonathan Pan (Dalmas)

Executive Monitor (Character): Isamu Naito (Bishop Barker Harris)

Executive Monitor (Community): Charles Baker (Baker Hake)

Executive Monitor (Chaplaincy): Samuel Scott (Burkitt)

The Executive Monitor Team is a group of students who embody the core values of our School, and have exhibited commendable leadership qualities throughout their senior years.

King’s is a School that enables and fosters the student voice, and we have been developing young men to take their place in the world as Global Thought Leaders for nearly two centuries. The School’s Executive Monitors play an important role in guiding their peers to be thought leaders who embrace a healthy risk appetite.

Being a Global Thought Leader demands wisdom and the capability to influence. Over the next year, these six young men will develop their wisdom to make decisions under pressure and master the art of influence to unite the community around our School Values.

To support these young men in their leadership roles, each Executive Monitor will collaborate with the Deputy Head of their respective pillar, benefiting from their guidance and expertise. Furthermore, they will work closely with the broader 2024 Monitor Team to represent and make crucial decisions for our student body.

Our 2024 Monitor Team includes:

Dinil Amarasinghe (Kurrle)

Rupert Begg (Bishop Barker Harris)

Boris Bunda (Macarthur Waddy)

Sam Camilleri (Burkitt)

Anthony Foong (Wickham)

Jamie Johnstone (Dalmas)

Hugh Kim (Wickham)

Krishna Li (Wickham)

Mack Mason (Broughton Forrest)

Jack O’Brien (Baker Hake)

Grayson Odbert (Macquarie)

Daniel Payne (Baker Hake)

Will Rogers (Broughton Forrest)

Tully Salmon (Britten)

Cameron Schultz (Dalmas)

Prash Sivagangabalan (Kurrle)

Johnson Tang (Dalmas)

Tom Whalan (Burkitt)

Campbell Wickham (Macarthur Waddy)

The formal commissioning of the 2024 Monitors will take place on the first day of Term 4. Please pray for them as they step into this challenging yet vital role.Top of Form

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