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Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on their HSC Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2023, who received their HSC results today. The King’s School has seen exceptional results – the best on record.  

The Class of 2023 has been extremely diligent in their efforts, staying focused on their studies without compromising their co-curricular involvement across the School. They should be incredibly proud.

A comprehensive summary of results will be issued over the coming days, but for now, we are delighted to share some of our exceptional results:

  • The Class achieved 481 Band 6 results.
  • Top ATAR: Chris Yoo with a perfect score of 99.95.
  • Chris Yoo: First-in-Course for Chinese Continuers.
  • Anand Jayanthi: First-in-Course for German Extension.
  • 11 State Rankings in Top Achievers list by ten students in eight subjects: Automotive, Business Services, Chinese Continuers, Drama (3), English EAL/D, German Extension (2) Mathematics Standard 1, and Software Design and Development. 
  • 22 boys have been named in the All-rounder’s list achieving Band 6 in ten or more units. 
  • Distinguished Achievers: 190 students out of 296 (64%) gained at least one Band 6 result. This includes Year 11 accelerated students and some non-ATAR students who sat the optional examinations.
  • 100% of students in the following subjects achieved a Band 6 result: 
  • English Extension 2 
  • Music Extension 
  • Chinese Extension 
  • German Extension 
  • French Continuers 
  • Another year of outstanding English results, with 78% of students across all English courses achieving a Band 5 or 6.  
  • Four Extension 2 English students (100%) achieved an E4 result.  
  • 24 students (80%) achieved a Band 6 in Extension 1 English.  
  • All Extension 1 English students (100%) achieved an E3 or E4 result.  
  • 48 students (28%) achieved a Band 6 in Advanced English.  
  • 157 students (92%) in English Advanced achieved the results in the top 2 bands (Band 5 or Band 6), the highest number in the School’s history. 
  • Three students (60%) achieved a Band 6 in EALD.  
  • Mathematics results were some of the strongest in the School’s history, with 80.5% of students across Mathematics courses achieving results in the top two bands (Band 5 or Band 6). 
  • 53.8% of Studies of Religion 1 students achieved a Band 6 result compared to 13.9% of the state. 
  • A record number of nominations (85) for subjects with practical components for possible inclusion in displays or performances: Drama (41), Industrial Technology (30), Music (6), Visual Arts (8) 
  • Four students were selected for Art Express.
  • An outstanding performance for the following departments across all courses, securing a 100% success rate for Band 5 and Band 6 results: Music 1, Music 2, Music Extension, Visual Arts, Drama, Chinese Extension, Chinese in Context, German Extension, French Continuers, Information Processes and Technology, English Extension 1, English Extension 1, History Extension, Mathematics Extension 2, Business Services Examination.
  • The Physics results were outstanding: 18 students (34%) achieved a Band 6 – one of the best results on record. 
  • The best results for Information Processes and Technology: 62.5% of students achieved a Band 6, and all students achieved a Band 5 or Band 6. 
  • The Agriculture results continue to be impressive, achieving the best Band 6 results for the subject in the School’s history. 13 students (36%) achieved a Band 6 result. 
  • Modern History achieved the best results in recent history: 20 students (48%) received a Band 6. 

Congratulations to every student from the Class of 2023, and well done to all the staff who have helped the boys produce these results. We look forward to releasing our 2023 HSC Academic Results & Success Stories brochure in coming days, which will provide a comprehensive review of the School’s 2023 HSC results.

We also thank the families of the Class of 2023 for supporting their sons throughout their journey at King’s.

With kind regards,

Mr Tony George

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