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The King’s Primary Boarding Adventure

The King’s School’s boarding experience does not just start from Year 7 but commences from Year 3 at our Southern Highlands Tudor House campus. 

As one of the largest boarding schools in the country, The King’s School campuses sit on 320 acres in North Parramatta and 169 acres in the Southern Highlands. 

The advantage of commencing the boarding adventure in the primary years is that it provides children with the opportunity to gain their wings before transitioning to high school. Tudor House boarding is the perfect stepping stone to The King’s School, delivering both educational and social advantages.

Adam Larby, Head of The King’s School, Tudor House says “the part where parents let go is by far the hardest. Once the decision is made, what awaits our young boarders is a learning adventure where they are given the very best opportunities to grow as independent, social and well-rounded young people who have the confidence to take on the world”. 

“While academics is always a key focus, in many ways, it’s about the importance of developing a child’s social skills at this age that makes primary boarding a successful choice for rural and regional families”. 

At Tudor House, the pastoral care program looks to ensure every boarder feels as though Tudor is an extension of their family, making the most of the many opportunities they have on offer.

Adam says, “Children quickly adapt to life in a boarding house, and friendships are forged quickly. Some of our country boys and girls have never played sports with a full team. When they arrive at Tudor, they have the opportunity to play rugby, cricket and netball with their mates, complete homework together and play on the property after school hours. This important companionship helps children to develop their social skills, so they are well equipped by the time they reach secondary school”. 

The learning landscape of each campus provides students with the challenge and adventure needed to shape their unique character.

“From our mountain bike track to the low ropes, the veggie gardens and the beehives, for a child, there are so many incredible life experiences on offer here. Learning is an adventure at The King’s School, Tudor House, and with adventure comes the opportunity to develop young people into leaders of the future,” says Adam. 

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