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The Future Project welcomes Year 12 Future Engineers to Western Sydney University Engineering Guest Lecture Series  

On 31 May, in collaboration with Western Sydney University’s (WSU) School of Engineering, Design, and Built Environment, The Future Project welcomed Professor Dr. Ming Zhou and Associate Professor Dr. Md Abdul Alim to The King’s School to provide an exclusive presentation to a select group of current Year 12 students on their research in energy and motion physics. These Year 12 students have expressed interest in pursuing studies and a future career in engineering after they graduate later in 2024.

Using several demonstrations, the WSU lecturers combined theory and practical hands-on experiences to give students a taste of university engineering. It was wonderful to see the Senior students making the most of this enriching experience, gaining invaluable insight into future career aspirations in this diverse discipline.

The lecture began with an introduction from the highly decorated Dr. Alim, who warmly welcomed the students before delving into the nature and characteristics of civil and construction engineering. This session shifted between educating the keenly interested students about fundamental theories and Newton’s laws and getting them involved in engaging practicals about gravity and friction.

Following this, Professor Zhao–the highly experienced physical scientist and specialist researcher and academic in mechanical, mechatronics, robotics, and materials science—introduced the students to the amazing world of energy, ensuring its relevance to our daily lives in human innovation and nature. Blending formulas and theories with real-world insight, Professor Zhao illustrated the laws of thermodynamics and combustion in a highly engaging manner that challenged the students’ existing comprehension of physics, mathematics, and applied engineering and scientific principles.

This exposure to a realistic first-year Engineering lecture from university academics who teach these subjects to first years, enabled the students to reflect on their own assumptions about the university experience, while giving them a glimpse into future possibilities should they continue to pursue their career aspirations as future Engineers.

The Future Project continues to build collaborative connections to enhance the King’s student experience through, and thanks the WSU School of Engineering, Design, and Built Environment and the participating Senior students for collaborating with us on this new venture.

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