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Multiple Pathways Attract Rural Families to Boarding School

For students travelling from rural towns to attend boarding school, the range of opportunities has never been greater as schools begin to offer multiple pathways to make it possible for every individual to succeed. 

Parents are not just sending their children to boarding school in the hope they will attain a pleasing ATAR. Students can now graduate with multiple pathway options including globally recognised credentials and practical industry-based qualifications.

This means students have the option to return to their hometowns and pursue careers, continue their studies in an Australian University, or access educational opportunities around the globe. 

In the heart of Sydney, on 320 acres sits one of Australia’s oldest boarding schools, The King’s School. While King’s holds tight to many of its deep traditions, when it comes to the academic space, the School is committed to offering an extensive range of modern learning experiences that nurture young men to make a positive impact on the world. 

The King’s School was recently approved to commence the authorisation of becoming an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) School. According to Deputy Head of Academics Mrs Jackie Camilleri, the School is aware of and embraces the diversity of its cohorts, which is why offering multiple pathways for students is a strong strategic commitment by the School. 

“Multiple pathways will ensure all Kingsmen, regardless of interests and abilities, will leave school with relevant and valuable credentials to secure future study and career opportunities”, says Jackie. 

From 2025, Year 11 and 12 students at King’s will have the option of following one of three pathways including Industry Pathway (VET), National/State University Pathway (HSC), or Global University Pathway (IBDP). 

The IBDP has a diverse and rigorous pattern of study that provides an excellent foundation for higher education on a global scale. The HSC pathway at King’s will continue to have a broad offering of subject choices to meet vast skills and interests, and provide national university opportunities for King’s graduates. The Industry Pathway allows students to graduate with industry credentials alongside an ATAR. 

As King’s approaches its bicentennial in 2031, the School continues to stand by its belief that there is more to education than merely the inculcation of knowledge and skills with the occasional inclusion of co-curricular and sports activities. 

“We believe through our international approach to academic excellence that Kingsmen will become Global Thought Leaders who are positive contributors to our World”, says Jackie. 

The King’s School offers tours throughout the year. To book a School Tour or register for the Boarding Webinar on Wednesday 30 November, visit

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