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King’s Prep Parenting: Episode 5

We are pleased to bring you episode five of our Parenting series, where we share some gold nugget advice with you regarding managing your child’s behaviour. 

We advocate for positive parenting – that is focusing on the strengths that your children and young people demonstrate, rather than the deficits. For we see better and more favourable outcomes when children are genuinely praised with purpose in a timely manner. This way a more harmonious tone is in the home, and children feel the security and predictability of having their parent as an advocate. 

Think back to when you were a child. Chances are the happiest of your memories involve a calm and balanced environment where you felt unconditionally loved and wanted to be doing your very best. Dr David Hegarty outlines some expert strategies for raising a flourishing child who is respectful and well-behaved.

Belinda Baxter (Deputy Head Students and Community)

King’s Prep Parenting: Episode 5 [Audio]
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