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King’s Prep Parenting: Episode 4

We are pleased to bring you the fourth episode of our series on Parenting. This is timed perfectly for the holiday break, when you will likely be challenged by your children and young people wanting to have saturated time on their devices.

Leaning on the expertise of our Prep School Counsellor, Dr David Hegarty, this episode covers the use of screens for fabulous opportunities to learn, connect, play, and relax. But what about the worry of overexposure and far too much screen time, and social media use for primary aged children? And how can we as parents ensure that our children and young people are accessing material that fits within our family values? What we see as key, is balance, safeguarding, and responsible adult modelling.

Belinda Baxter (Deputy Head Students and Community)

King’s Prep Parenting: Episode 4 [Audio]
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