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Senior School facilities

Senior School is designed to ensure that boys are able to access everything they need for academic, physical, social and spiritual development.

Specialised classrooms equipped with latest teaching aids and technology are supported with numerous learning centres, abundant sporting facilities, and superbly equipped science and technology centres. Extensive administrative resources ensure the Senior School operates efficiently and successfully.

The facilities and infrastructure in place for Senior School are many and varied and cover activities including administration, academic, music and arts, boarding, sports, sciences and languages:


  • A central administration building
  • Central dining hall
  • Staff residences
  • Laundry
  • Health Centre
  • Maintenance department
  • Braeside Shop and Clothing Pool

  • 2-storey Classroom complexes (North Walk, South Walk and West Walk)
  • The Centre for Learning and Leadership
  • The King’s Theatre and Drama Centre
  •  Chapel
  • Futter Hall: 1,200-seat main hall with an additional 200-seat lecture theatre
  • Robert Robertson Museum
  • Music School
  • Visual Arts block
  • Stock yards, agricultural plots and bushland (for Agricultural teaching)
  • 4 Senior boarding houses: Baker Hake, Bishop Barker Harris, Broughton Forrest and Macarthur Waddy
  • Transition Boarding house (for our Year 7 transition boarders – shared with the Prep School)


  • Science Centre and state-of-the-art research facility: Part of this cutting edge research is undertaken in partnership with students from the School, allowing students to engage in authentic scientific research.
  • SG Wansey Design and Technology Centre.

For sporting endeavours, boys can take advantage of:

  • a fully-equipped Sports Centre (including indoor basketball courts and weights room)
  • The WS Friend Gymnasium
  • 50 metre competition standard swimming pool
  • 17 ovals and playing fields (including the renowned JS White Oval with Thomas Memorial Pavilion and Gus Taylor Change Rooms)
  • outdoor basketball courts
  • tennis courts 
  • cricket nets
  • rowing shed.
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