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The Men We Have Become – Ep08 – Bret Walker, Part 1

In our most compelling Men We Have Become episode yet, we meet Bret Walker SC – a man who embodies our motto of Bravely and Faithfully deeper than most who have enjoyed the King’s experience.

In a revealing interview across two episodes, we meet a man described as having a “vaulting intellect” who achieved the rare honour of having been Captain of the School – as a dayboy, Dux of the School, a noted musician and an athletics champion.

In his career beyond King’s he has pursued his passion for helping the underdog and championing the disenfranchised in society – a direct echo of his time as School Captain of The King’s School.

A man of compassion, a man of controversy, a man of intellect, but always a man of true character. Brave and Faithful. Meet Bret Walker SC.

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