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About the Foundation

The King’s School Foundation, together with the Development Office, is the body through which the philanthropic initiatives for the School are advanced. Its primary role is to ensure that it is investing in the School’s future. 

The Foundation manages programs such as:

  • Annual Giving
  • Scholarships
  • Building Funds and Appeals
  • Bequests and Benefactions
  • Co-curricular and Support Group infrastructure

The Foundation’s efforts reach across the entirety of The King’s School community: Old Boys, parents and past parents, staff and friends are all essential parts of our philanthropic endeavours. 

Your gifts make a transformational difference in the lives of current students and their experience at The King’s School. 

You may make your donation through our easy-to-use payment portal:



We celebrate with gratitude to God and each other. Gratitude is important in celebrating excellence in others, for keeping us humble and protects us from a spirit of complaint.​

Annual Giving Day

Whilst school fees cover the operational costs of running the School, our philanthropic work helps to create exceptional educational experiences for our students. At The King’s School, our boys are privileged to enjoy many opportunities in an environment set on 320 acres in the middle of Australia’s global city, Sydney. No one at King’s today can take credit for the extraordinary opportunities available at the School. It is because of the generosity and commitment of those that have come before us over the last 200 years. They have given enormously in time, energy, commitment and philanthropy. 

As the beneficiaries of the foresight and commitment of generations of past families of The King’s School, the community of 2024 have the chance to play its part in ensuring the School continues to provide opportunities, not only to the current generation but also to future generations. 

Support our Appeals and Initiatives

Support the development and maintenance of our wonderful facilities. The buildings and facilities from which generations of students have benefited, are almost entirely the result of the generosity of families. We are grateful for their support and commitment. In supporting the development and maintenance of our facilities, it unlocks the potential of every student and future generation of students. Make an unfettered tax-deductible donation to the building fund of either The King’s School or Tudor House.

It has become increasingly harder for our inter-generational King’s families from the bush to send their boys to board at the School. To preserve our School culture and connection to rural Australia, we plan to provide pathways for country families and sons of Old Boys to come to King’s. The project seeks philanthropic support towards boarding bursaries. This important initiative is called The Next Crop and is part of an overall strategy of investment in agricultural programs and people. (Note: Donations to this project of $2 or more are tax deductible)

Project highlights:

  • Preserve the School’s culture: Providing boarding bursaries to rural families will preserve the heritage of the School and it’s long-standing connection to the bush. 
  • Increase boarding enrolments: By offering bursaries for boarders, the School can increase the number of country boarders to ensure the right balance of enrolments at the School. 
  • Offer Agricultural Pathways: Boarding bursaries will enable country boys to have a premium boarding experience and improve our agricultural career pathways.

As we journey together towards the 2031 bicentenary, this is an opportunity to make your mark in the history of King’s – Australia’s oldest independent school. The Chapel Pavillion project is no small undertaking. Given the deep history and connection to the Memorial Chapel, it seems only fitting for the building to be recognised to the families that have donated, with all significant donors honoured in perpetuity. 

  • A 250-seat indoor/outdoor classroom to facilitate educational programs that nurture our boys’ character development, commitment to service-learning and leadership. 
  • Space that accommodates a whole year group who can assemble and immerse themselves in the rich history, traditions and culture of the School as a Christian community.
  • A multipurpose venue with amenities and catering facilities where the community can gather to celebrate significant events.

To support our musical excellence programs and keep improving the performing arts, the Prep School requires new equipment to enhance performances in Horrocks Hall. This will include upgrades of lighting and sound resources. In addition, new sound equipment within the Prep School Music Room will enhance musical learning and appreciation for students in classroom music lessons. This project will complement enhancements forecast in the upcoming Prep Masterplan.

Project highlights: 

  • Improved Music Education: Upgrading ancillary equipment will facilitate more engaging lessons, allowing students to explore a wider range of musical styles and techniques. 
  • Enhanced Skill Development: New equipment will give students the opportunity to enhance their skills and advance their level of performance. 
  • Preparation for Future Opportunities: New and improve facilities will support student pathways for future academic and professional opportunities in music.

With a strong number of senior boys enrolled in the Football program, now is the time to look at upgrading the School’s football facilities. As a starting point, the School wishes to create new terrace seating and changing-room facilities around the Wanderers ground to improve the game-day experience for supporters. 

Project highlights:

  • Enhanced spectator experience: Elevated seating will improve visibility and atmosphere for our boys and spectators, allowing the game-day experience to be enjoyable for all. 
  • Flexible use: Terraced seating and changing rooms can be designed to be multi-functional, serving as seating during events but also as a gathering space for outdoor classes, assemblies, or informal gatherings. 
  • Aesthetic enhancement: Well-designed terrace seating will complete the already impressive Wanderers field.  

The Tudor House outdoor education programs are among the world’s best. To keep challenging our boys and girls to push their limits, we are going all out to provide gravity-defying outdoor education programs and experiences in Australia including a tree house. A perfect antidote to screen time. Help us to provide extreme levels of fun, adventure and learning in the great outdoors. 

Project highlights: 

  • Engaging learning environment: Tree houses provide a unique and engaging learning environment that can stimulate creativity, curiosity and imagination among students. Being surrounded by nature can inspire a sense of wonder and exploration, fostering a love for learning. 
  • Physical activity: Climbing up to the tree house and moving around in the natural environment encourages physical activity and promotes health and well-being among students.
  • Sense of adventure: Tree houses evoke a sense of adventure and excitement, making learning more enjoyable and memorable for students.

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