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Rifle Shooting at The King's School

Rifle Shooting at The King's School

Rifle Shooting is one of the five original AAGPS sports (in addition to Athletics, Cricket, Rowing and Rugby). King's has a proud tradition in the annual matches contested by the Schools in our Association.

The Rifle Club operates as a small-bore (.22 rimfire rifles) target rifle club during Terms one, two and four. We are fortunate to have our own rifle range on the School property and all members are instructed in the safe handling of firearms and the basics of marksmanship on the range. Boys are able to join the club from Year 8. Many keen boys become regular members of the club and contest the weekly shoots. Many undertake training in order to sit the test for their NSW Police Minors Permit that enables them to participate in shooting activities whilst under the supervision of a suitably licenced adult. A number of the senior boys avail themselves of the opportunity to obtain their Adult Firearms Licence during their final year.

Following satisfactory progression through small-bore training, the most capable marksmen are given the opportunity to develop their skills on the large-bore range (off School) using .308 Win target rifles. The progressive nature of the program lends itself to the participants being willing to improve their skills in order to move on through the system.

The culmination of the Shooting year is a week long training camp in preparation for the annual AAGPS competition. We have had several boys progress to National level in target Shooting disciplines following their departure from King's.

This popular sport lends itself to boys of all shapes and sizes who want to be a part of a well disciplined and self-motivated sport which is as much as about “mind-over-matter” as it is about physical coordination and capability.