Preparatory School

Preparatory School: Overview


The boys in the Preparatory School engage in the exciting Primary Years Program (PYP) designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The PYP is taking the world by storm and revolutionising Primary education by putting the emphasis on inquiry-based learning. This has had the happy effect of increasing student engagement and accelerating learning, with students learning to become effective thinkers and independent learners. This inquiry-based learning program creates a sense of enthralment and trains boys to question, analyse and think. This leads to deeper understanding, the development of problem solving skills and academic advancement. For more details of the PYP, please click here.

Literacy and numeracy skills are central to the PYP, with boys being constantly stimulated to grow in these key areas. Regular assessment and constant monitoring allow our teachers to customise their lessons so that learning is optimised. Literacy skills are further enhanced by the adoption of the ‘Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills’ (THRASS) program, which is proving to be very effective. For more details of the THRASS program, go to

The Primary curriculum of The King's School has the following features:
  • A technology rich environment that prepares boys well for the electronic world they will inherit.
  • Access to a state-of-the-art Inquiry Learning Centre.
  • Specialist teachers in the areas of Technology, Christian Studies, Music, Physical Education, Library and Art.
  • Specialist staff to meet the needs of students requiring learning support or gifted and talented programs.
  • Specialist teaching of Mandarin, which is the overseas language of choice taught within the Preparatory School.
  • An international perspective, with boys being prepared to play their part on the world stage.
  • A Christian foundation that provides the framework for a good moral code, personal faith and the development of appropriate values. Although a Christian school, King's welcomes students from all faiths, on the understanding that they will be educated in a Christian environment.
  • Exemplary pastoral care.
  • A vibrant Music education and performance program involving all boys.
  • Ability-graded inter-school team sports involving all boys.