Preparatory School

Preparatory School: Enhanced inquiry for the Gifted and Talented

Enhanced inquiry for the Gifted and Talented

We believe that students may display gifts and talents in different domains, including intellectual, creative, leadership, social and physical. (The Gagne model)

Our Gifted and Talented (GAT) Committee meets regularly to ensure that GAT students are identified early and in as many domains of giftedness and talent as possible.

We seek to inspire and stimulate our GAT students by providing a differentiated in-class curriculum, along with special learning opportunities within and outside the School.

A wide range of identification strategies is used, including teacher evaluation, parent nomination, student nomination, standardised testing, IQ tests, observational and anecdotal evidence, behavioural checklists, academic reports and external competition results.

At King's we do not favour a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Our learning programs are differentiated. We keep in mind the ‘5 Ps of differentiation’:

  • Pre-testing (formative assessment)
  • Pitch (the level of the learning activity)
  • Pace (the rate at which material is presented)
  • Process (the ways in which students experience the learning)
  • Product (the ways in which students express their learning)

Additionally, the PYP framework, used to present all learning in the Prep School, provokes deep thinking. It pushes students to learn at a conceptual level. Inherently, therefore, PYP caters for the gifted, higher-order thinker.

The Preparatory School offers a rich package of enrichment and extension activities beyond the curriculum. Students can thus discover, explore and extend their gifts and talents. These activities include academic competitions, debating, Science Club, Computing Club, wood technics, chess, music (various choirs and bands), Crusaders Christian fellowship, public speaking, poetry recitation, a comprehensive student leadership program, philosophy, video production, Tournament of Minds, the Da Vinci Decathlon, drama productions, representative sport, art exhibitions, the Year 6 Enterprise project and the PYP Exhibition.

Our GAT students do not learn in isolation Stimulating mentor programs operate within the School. Some of these are structured and delivered as part of a class strategy. Others are more flexible, based on student need and available mentors. Mentors may be specialist teachers within the Preparatory and Senior School, GAT students from the Senior School, as well as gifted and talented individuals from the broader school community.