Preparatory School

Preparatory School: Educational Support Services

The Prep School is committed to an inclusive school culture and assisting all students to maximise their achievements. The Educational Support Services team provides assistance for students with a wide range of abilities, through a collaborative and consultative approach with all stakeholders.

Identifying learning needs

The Educational Support Services team assists with identification of specific learning difficulties. Early identification is conducted by trained staff, using criterion-based and national standardised assessments. The collation of other data, such as class based summative assessments, anecdotal records, review of allied health reports and psychometric reports, form the basis for individual programs.

These programs are reviewed regularly and case-managed by all teachers directly involved with the student's learning. Parental involvement is paramount and is fostered by the School staff to ensure successful implementation and progress.

Trained staff members are available to provide assessments and programs for students who come from non English speaking backgrounds.

Support provided by the Educational Support Services team during the school day is as follows:

  • In-class Support
    In line with the School's commitment to inclusion, additional team members are placed in the classroom to assist targeted students. The Educational Support Services staff modify the learning tasks or teaching outcomes to suit the needs of individual students.

  • Small Group Support
    Purposeful small group intervention allows students to work with their peers and receive intensive support from the Educational Support Services teacher, either within the classroom or in the Educational Support Services Centre.

  • 1:1 Intervention
    This strategy is used with boys who require 1:1 teaching to master basic skills. The Multilit Program and the Reading Recovery Method are integral to our 1:1 intervention.

  • Home Learning Programmes
    These have been designed to give literacy support to boys in need. Care is taken by the Educational Support Services team to select reading texts, comprehension activities and writing skills that will assist with further consolidation of skills at home.

  • Early Bird Lessons
    These are conducted before school. The primary focuses are reading fluency and the use of a computer based program that develops word attack skills.
Liaising with Parents

Educational Support Services staff embrace the School's ‘no surprises’ policy with parents. Regular phone calls, emails and interviews are used to inform parents about student progress and future planning.