How to prepare your son for school

Prepare your son for school

The King's School recognises that effective education happens best in partnership with the home. Parents are the major influence on a son's academic success and development. With this in mind, the following advises how parents might prepare their son for Kindergarten.

  • Create a warm and secure home with minimal stress. Worry about the home can make a boy reluctant to leave it.
  • Do not spoil, over-protect or indulge a son so he lacks the resilience necessary to cope with school.
  • Be a reading home rather than a watching home. Meals together, bed-time stories and chatting do much to accelerate pastoral and academic readiness for school.
  • Encourage play with other children and the sharing of toys.
  • Encourage correct grammar in speech and discourage ‘baby talk’.
  • Give your son simple tasks about the house, such as tidying his room and helping with meals.
  • Promote wonder, point out interesting things, ask questions, encourage thinking.
  • Develop skills in using scissors, pencils, paintbrushes and how to use the correct, tripod pencil grip.
  • Ensure your son can complete tasks such as putting on shoes and tying laces.
  • Ensure your son can recognise and write his name.
  • Be positive about schooling and share how good it was when you were at school.
  • Introduce him to boys who will be starting school at the same time.
  • Make sure your son attends the School tours and the Orientation days.
  • Share with the School any relevant medical, learning, psychological or other developmental information about your son.

In conclusion, it is recognised that ‘school readiness’ varies from child to child. However, by following the advice above, most boys will find themselves ready for the wonderful world of The King's School Kindergarten.