Pre-Kindergarten: A Headstart for Your Son

Introducing ‘Pre-Kindergarten’ – excellence in early childhood education for your four year old son

The King’s School is a great place for a boy to start his schooling experience. There is space, there is adventure, there is rigour in learning and there is encouragement to be a boy. Australia’s best known school is now offering a learning journey for your son from four years of age. A unique Pre-Kindergarten Program will commence in 2015.

Parents who are wanting to optimise learning success in the Kindergarten and post-Kindergarten years, know that a well-structured Pre-Kindergarten experience can be enormously helpful. Families are seeking an optimum Pre-Kindergarten experience knowing that success for their youngsters is a crucial part of the blueprint of forming a successful adult.

We know from neuroscience that our most important learning occurs during the early years of life. Learning habits, emotional maturity and a good self-esteem are shaped significantly in the early years. A Pre-Kindy Class will help prepare your son in these areas and put him on a trajectory of a lifetime of learning.

You are warmly invited to enrol your son in The King's School Pre-Kindergarten Program.