Teaching children to adapt to life’s challenges

Teaching children to adapt to life’s challenges

As the Coronavirus crisis continue, parents are struggling to get their children to adapt to a new way of life. While at home, it is important to keep routines in place as much as possible to create a sense of calm during times of stress.  Preparing children for struggles they are bound to experience in adulthood is not only taught in the home, but also in school.

Schools have been tasked with rapidly adapting to new ways of teaching and learning. Developing programs to improve student wellbeing while gaining important life skills is something The King’s School, Preparatory School has always been renowned for.

The King’s School, Preparatory School provide a number of avenues that develop student leadership skills and builds resilience in early childhood. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition is an inquiry in which Year 6 students identify, investigate and offer solutions to real world problems. It is the culmination of the PYP, and an opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning, by designing their own inquiry into issues of global significance. The boys draw on all the skills, knowledge and dispositions they have developed throughout primary school to demonstrate independence and agency.

During Exhibition, students become passionate researchers, advocates and change-makers for environmental, social, and humanitarian issues. Throughout this inquiry, the boys are supported by the whole Preparatory School community, as they lead the way and teachers join in the learning.

Students work in small groups, drawing on all the skills, knowledge and dispositions developed while at the Preparatory School. The boys also work closely with experts from the broader community, who act as mentors and primary sources for their research. This inquiry takes place at school, although families inevitably become passionate participants in the learning.

In The King’s School, Senior School, boys go onto further leadership and resilience training that includes at least two years’ service in the Cadet Corps, engagement with social service initiatives and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. Other opportunities include the Boys to Men Program, overseas language exchange program and Monitor training.

A Year 5 start at The King’s School, Preparatory School is fundamental to ensure a child has access to the resilience and leadership building programs in Year 6, and provides a smooth transition and preferred entry to the Senior School for Year 7.

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