The advantages of a boarding school education

The advantages of a boarding school education

It’s time to breakdown the common myths about boarding schools for families. First and foremost they are nothing like you see on TV. Boarding Schools are not just for troubled kids or for wealthy families. There is so much more to boarding than most families have considered.

Comparing the pros and cons of sending your child to boarding school can be tough. It’s a hard decision for parents to let their child live away from home, especially when in some cases, children haven’t reached their teenage years. What parents need to know is that there are so many benefits for sending your child to a boarding school where they will be safe and secure under the watchful eye of highly trained and caring staff.

Boarding school guides young adolescents to learn how to be independent while preparing them to be successful as they enter adulthood and into challenging workforce. Boarding students learn to respect and live with others, they are often pushed outside their comfort zone to develop resilience, kindness and responsibility that will serve them well when they graduate. Students are given a unique opportunity to learn a number of life skills while having access to an excellent education.

For those families living in rural areas across Australia, access to quality education within close proximity can be challenging. Parents who want to offer their children academic opportunities look to boarding, and are not disappointed with what they find. Boarding schools don’t just offer academic excellence, they offer students a chance to live in a community where friendships are developed and independence learned. Boarders improve on their personal growth and develop an appreciation of others and their own sense of place.

One major concern for families considering a boarding education is the fees associated with tuition and boarding. Many boarding schools offer financial aid to selected families in the form of Boarding Bursaries. One school that continues to support families who wish to send their child to a boarding school is The King’s School.

The King’s School has a proud history of being one of Australia’s largest boarding schools, accommodating over 400 boarders from Years 7 to 12 from regional, rural, and international destinations. The School also offers boarding for boys and girls in Years 3-6 at the Southern Highlands campus, The King’s School, Tudor House.

Founded in 1831 by command of King William IV of England, King’s is Australia’s oldest independent school. Through a community-centred ethos and a commitment to academic excellence and character development, King’s has continued to provide Australia with its next generation of leaders as well as students who contribute positively to their communities and society.

Boarding is at the heart of King’s.

It is an intrinsic part of the School’s history and has created a culture and community like no other School. Situated on 320 acres of beautiful parkland in the demographic heart of Sydney, King’s provides an unparalleled environment with plenty of space to grow and learn. It is in equal measure a thriving village, a vibrant community and an immersive experience. Boarders have every opportunity to engage in King’s programs, testing their personal limits, enabling them to grow into young men of Christian character and integrity.

Boarders enjoy convenient access to an extensive range of social, cultural and recreational facilities across the School’s campus. In the early hours of a morning, many students board a bus to rowing practice or can access the gymnasium facilities. On the weekends, boarders participate in a number of sporting events on campus including touch football, swimming, rugby and cricket. Students also benefit from the campus acreage, embarking on bushwalking adventures or congregating together in the boarding houses to relax and socialise.

Of an afternoon and evenings, boarders at King’s have access to study assistance in their boarding house, tutored by past students known as the Patron Program. The boarding facilities include a well-equipped Health Centre where a registered nurse is on duty 24 hours a day and visiting doctors and physiotherapists are also on call.

The Year 7 boarding cohort are introduced to the School together, living in Gowan Brae - a dormitory style accommodation. From Years 8 to 10, boys share a room with a roommate until they reach Years 11 and 12, where they have the opportunity to enjoy a single room.

Under the care of Boarding Housemasters, House Staff and Tutors, boarding underpins the personal and academic development of each student. Every opportunity offered at King’s can be experienced to the fullest by living on site.

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