An easy way to avoid school waiting lists

An easy way to avoid school waiting lists

Parents are well acquainted with the concept of intense competition for places at the Australia’s best schools, with long waiting lists that can see applications years ahead of a child attending and no guarantee of a place. Researching and choosing a school that matches the needs and requirements of a parent and child takes serious thought and effort, leaving parents feeling daunted and anxious. To then be informed you’ve missed out on a place at your first choice of school can be disappointing.

What many parents don’t know is there is an easier way to guarantee their child’s entry to a preferred high school. With intense pressure on traditional entry points such as year 7 at secondary school, some schools offer the opportunity to join in year 5. In addition to being able to learn the ropes and become acquainted with their new school and classmates as part of a smaller intake year, students will often gain preferred entry to year 7. One such school is The King’s School, with the renowned Wellbeing and Pastoral Care program which provides a smooth transition and preferred entry to the Senior School in Year 7.

Located on 320 acres, The King’s School, Preparatory School offers a unique and enriching environment with every opportunity for boys to learn and develop with plenty of space to grow. Year 5 is a wonderful time to join The King’s School, with access to an outstanding teaching and learning curriculum, built within the framework of the Primary Years Programme, and sport and co-curricular programs that promote the development of leadership skills and personal growth.

To find out more about The King’s School, Preparatory School request our Preparatory School Prospectus here or register to watch our Year 5 webinar here.

To commence your child’s King’s journey, contact the Registrar’s office by email or phone 02 9683 8555.