How to guarantee out of hours school care

How to guarantee out of hours school care

The modern family life continues to get busier as parents attempt to juggle work, school drop off and pick up, music lessons, sporting clubs and enough time to get dinner on the table for the family. To make matters more difficult, after school care has limited availability and long waiting lists. There has to be an easier and less stressful way for working families to fit everything in one day with enough time to spend together at home.

The King’s School has a solution to all these concerns, offering co-curricular and after school programs which means busy families are able to bridge the gap between work and home.

Located on 320 acres of beautiful park-land, The King’s School offers Before School Care with activities starting from 7.30am and throughout the day. Pre-kindergarten to year 2 boys engage in King’s Integrated Play, a range of fun play activities under the watchful eye of the duty teacher and available 3.00pm – 4.00pm, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. While After School Care is available 4.00pm – 6.45pm every weekday.

Year 3 to year 6 boys can immerse themselves in supervised free play or choose from a range of activities including Clubs for Agriculture, Art, Board Games, Homework, ICT, Robotics, Science and Woodwork. Sports Training is also offered after school as are a number of bands and choirs. Activity groups are available 3.30pm – 4.45pm every weekday (but not all groups run every day). After School Care is available 4.45pm–6.45pm every weekday.

All families of The King’s School, Preparatory School have guaranteed access to After School Care.

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To commence your child’s King’s journey, contact the Registrar’s office by email or phone 02 9683 8555.