Leadership overview

An Education for Life at The King's School


Our model of servant leadership promotes boys placing the needs and benefits of others before themselves. Thus a strong emphasis on meaningful involvement in community service at local, national and international levels is celebrated and promoted amongst boys of all levels. At the school level our service learning program is driven largely by our student pastoral care system that includes our Chaplaincy Department, Day and Boarding Houses and the Student Representative Council.

A significant number of charities are supported by our boys through numerous enterprises and initiatives. Fundraising activities support local and national charities close to our heart such as Anglicare. We also understand that for real education to occur, community service must move beyond fund raising to include real and purposeful activities where time and energy is expended in a voluntary manner for the benefit of others.

Students at King’s have the opportunity to become involved in National and International Service Learning Activities which highlight our Values in action through expedition to destinations such as Uganda, Borneo, Papua New Guinea and Nepal.

Further opportunities exist with our Boys to Men Program at Year 10 and Community Outreach Program that complement our Cadet Corps unit to develop leadership through service. The Community Outreach Program has developed strong connections with local nursing homes, retirement villages, schools, special schools, pre-schools, charities, churches, centres of excellence for disabled adults and historic sites.

Students are allocated to an organisation and will complete 70 hours of service. During that period of time, the students may be asked to support activities, create resources, converse meaningfully, engage in gardening and maintenance tasks, and even play games and dance with residents. The underlying motivation for students is to contribute positively to the organisation that has accepted them. Service to others through fundraising, sweat and endeavour are essential elements of an education for life at The King’s School.