Leadership overview

An Education for Life at The King's School

Year 10 Boys to Men Program

Our philosophy of preparing boys for life rather than just the completion of secondary schooling has led to the creation of an iconic and pioneering venture for our Year 10 students in the Boys to Men Program. This unique course draws upon the expertise our staff have in educating boys to introduce life skills such as managing money, cooking, ironing, cleaning, etiquette and manners, sexuality and other topics, such as car maintenance. Our Headmaster, Dr Tim Hawkes has written the acclaimed novel Blizzard Lines to complement the instruction in life wisdom and values that lie at the core of our approach to educating boys for life. This program celebrates a boys transition from adolescence to adulthood and his Year 10 experiences provide him with the opportunity to develop his character through exercising leadership and service as a productive member of The King’s School and broader community.