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An Education for Life at The King's School

An Education for Life at The King’s School

An education at The King’s School has, as its goal, the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of character. Whilst an education that prepares a boy for his examinations is central to what we do at King’s, we also realise that an education for life has the capacity to forge a boy in character that will prepare him for life beyond his schooling. Our approach is one that seeks to educate the whole boy to prepare the young man for life, providing him with the values and skills to be a successful employee, husband, father and citizen on whatever scale or stage he may pursue.

This emphasis on the development of the whole individual is what has always distinguished a King’s School education. Our focus on educating a boy for life is shaped by our commitment to providing our boys with authentic learning experiences that are shaped to develop them as life-long learners with the capacity to Lead and Serve with Character. These authentic learning experiences both in the classroom and beyond are shaped by our values.