King's Pledge

King's Pledge 2019

King’s Pledge is the Foundation’s approach to engaging you as part of the community, to support the vital projects of our School through the Annual Giving Program.

Last year we told a remarkable story about the Holz family from Lighting Ridge, and how the benefits of their King’s experience were able to resonate through their entire community in north western NSW.

This year, we are continuing where we left off, bringing a whole new focus to the role that Scholarships play in enabling families to enjoy a King’s experience, where ordinarily, it may not have been afforded to them.

However, we are also responding to requests from our community to learn more about the Scholarship Program.

Director of Studies, Jacqui Camilleri, joins us as our video provides insights into the link between our academic success through the Scholarship Program and how scholarships resonate. Not merely through our own community, but through the lives of families, neighbours and communities well outside our gates.

This year, we had nine applicants for every scholarship King’s has to offer across our Scholarship Program. It is very obvious that too many families are missing out. Our goal with King’s Pledge 2019 is to remedy this.

As you watch our video I ask you to consider your contribution. King’s Pledge 2019 will enable the School to welcome a new wave of Kingsmen to embrace the King’s Experience in academic excellence and character development to bring fresh energy to our community.

By securing the King’s experience for a new generation, we reach into the life of the School in many different ways and significantly underpin our mission to make an outstanding impact for the good of society.

Aaron Malouf
Director of Development

June 2019