Payment options

    1. Termly Billing - fees and disbursements are due and payable in full by the first day of each term;
    2. Ten Monthly Direct Debit Billing (1 Feb – 1 Nov) by Credit Card, Cheque account and Savings account - fees and disbursements are due and payable as and when instalments fall due;
    3. Semester (Overseas Students) – fees are due and payable in full in advance of the semester commencing (two terms), disbursements are payable termly;
    4. Final Disbursements - Termly/Direct Debit/Semester - final disbursements for the current year are due and payable on 15 December;

    In the case of non-payment, a student may be excluded from the School during that term until such time as the fees are paid.

    In persistent cases of non-payment the student’s place in the School may be forfeited.

    The attention of parents is drawn to the following matters.

    1. Withdrawal of a Student

      If a student is to be withdrawn from the School, at least a full term’s notice, preferably in writing, must be given to the Headmaster or the Registrar. The notice should be given no later than the first day of the School term at the end of which the notice expires. In the absence of the required notice, a term’s fees (tuition and boarding if applicable) are payable.

    2. Change of Status

      Students enrolled as boarders must remain as boarders for the duration of their enrolment unless the Headmaster in his discretion agrees otherwise.

    1. Termly Billing

      A fees statement will be sent for the ensuing term approximately two weeks prior to the term starting for School fees and disbursements.

      This account can be paid by the following options:

      • BPAY – Cheque or Savings Account;
      • Online Payment System – Via the School’s website (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX) - a 1% surcharge applies to all credit card payments;
      • Cheque - The School is unable to accept cash as a method of payment for security reasons.

      Please refer to the reverse side of your fees statement for further details.

      If you are paying BPay please ensure that you are careful to use the BPay Code number applicable to your payment selection located on the tear-off portion of the Fees Statement. This is important for the School’s accounting system to determine whether a voluntary donation to the Foundation Building Fund has been included in the payment.

    2. Collections

      The School Council is appreciative of the great majority of parents paying their son’s fees by the first day of each term. However, it has also requested that attention be drawn to that requirement where parents are paying fees on a termly basis as a small number of parents are regularly failing to meet that obligation.

      It should be noted that as a result of that failure the School incurs costs and suffers losses. Therefore, a default charge of $250 per month will be charged to all overdue accounts.

    3. Direct Debit Billing – Termly/Ten Monthly Instalments

      School fees will be debited to your nominate cheque or savings account or credit card (a 1% surcharge will apply).

      Termly Instalments – First day of each term. A final disbursements deduction for the current year will occur on the 15 December.

      Ten Monthly Instalments – 1st of each month from February to November. A final disbursements deduction for the current year will occur on the 15 December. (This scheme is available either from the commencement of Term 1 or Term 3).

      Parents will receive a fees statement prior to the date of the next debit to their account. Please note a $35 charge will be incurred for any Direct Debits that are dishonoured.

      Direct Debits that dishonour three times will automatically be cancelled from this scheme.

      Please note that your intention to participate or withdraw from this scheme must be advised one month prior to Term 1 or Term 3.

      Parents who wish to pay fees by Direct Debit either termly or monthly should complete the Direct Debit Request form ( and return it to the Bursar’s Office via email no later than Tuesday 2 January 2018.

      If parents are currently using the Direct Debit option of their choice they need NOT fill out these forms again, unless they wish to pay the current Termly Giving Foundation Building Fund amount of $175 per term.

      Parents in the scheme of paying by ten monthly instalments can only join that method of payment either at the beginning of Term 1 returning the forms to the Bursar’s Office via email by no later than Tuesday 2 January 2018 or prior to the end of Term 2.

      If you are currently in the ten instalments Direct Debit system and want to cancel out of that method of payment, please ensure that the Bursar’s Office is advised by no later than Tuesday 2 January 2018.

      (Parents wishing to include a voluntary contribution to the Foundation Building Fund in their Direct Debit payment should complete this section of the Direct Debit Request form.)