Dispute resolution


The School has in place a Procedure to deal with complaints and grievances of a general nature that may be held by parents and/or students.

The School recognises that parents and/or students may have a complaint or grievance over a School related issue and through that Procedure the School is providing a mechanism by which parents and/or students can seek to have that complaint or grievance addressed. An outcome of the procedure may be that the complaint or grievance is found to be groundless.

The Procedure is not intended to be overly prescriptive nor impose unreasonable time limits upon any party. It does seek to raise parents and/or students awareness that the School acknowledges that such issues do arise from time to time and the procedures describe the arrangements that should be observed in order to assist parents and/or students to resolve them.

The School will seek to ensure that any complaint or grievance is resolved at the earliest opportunity and in a timely manner. However reasonable periods of time must be allowed for discussion at each level of the Procedure.

A copy of the Procedure can be obtained from the Deputy Bursar (kjlee@kings.edu.au or telephone 9683 8401).